Bernadette Smyth: "It's time to fight back!"

  • Bernadette Smyth:
  • Bernadette Smyth:

Bernadette Smyth, the director of Precious Life, joined by Aiden Carlin Solicitors and Stanton Healthcare Belfast, was at the High Court in Belfast today to submit Precious Life's response to Mr Justice Horner's diabolical ruling in last Monday's judicial review of abortion law.     

In the submission, Precious Life made clear that the judge must respect the primacy of the democratic process and leave the contentious matter of legislation to the Northern Ireland Assembly. 

In the submission, Precious Life drew the judge's attention to the compelling arguments of Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney and founder of Save the One, a campaign calling for the protection of unborn children conceived in rape. 

Precious Life also drew the judge's attention to a special little baby named Poppy Grace who lived for 8 precious days in the comfort of her mother's arms: 

"Just like Poppy Grace, every baby should be cherished and protected in their parents’ arms, no matter how brief that time may be. Both mother and baby deserve real support and real compassion that is found in perinatal hospice care."

Precious Life is organising a candle light prayer vigil to be held outside the High Court on Tuesday 15th December at 7pm, the day before the judge makes his final order in this case.

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