SDLP suspends three of their Belfast City Councillors

  • SDLP suspends three of their Belfast City Councillors

Northern Ireland's leading pro-life group Precious Life are urging all right thinking people in Northern Ireland to contact SDLP and ask why they have suspended indefinitely and victimised three of their Belfast City Councillors , Pat Convery, Declan Boyle and Kate Mullan, after they abstained from supporting a motion that alleged that women using so-called “reproductive” centres in Northern Ireland are being “harassed” by anti-abortion campaigners

The motion was proposed by the pro-abortion Green Party’s Georgina Milne and the PUP’s Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston. This motion uses manipulative, misleading language like “harassment and intimidation” when referring to a pro-life vigil held at the Marie Stopes Centre in Belfast.

It must be noted that no one from the Belfast City Council have ever contacted the Stop Marie Stopes Campaign to ask for their version of events before voting on this motion.

Alicea Brennan from the Stop Marie Stopes Campaign has condemned the motion passed by Belfast City Council in relation to its peaceful protests outside the centre. 

Mrs Brennan said: "Abortion is a crime in Northern Ireland. For the past 4 years the pro-life movement has held a peaceful and dignified protest each week outside Marie Stopes Belfast.  Between 2013-2015 the PSNI issued dozens of Police Information Notices (PINs) in response to false claims of harassment from staff and associates of the abortion referral clinic. At no time has a 'client' of Marie Stopes ever made a claim of harassment to police. The actions of the PSNI in using the Protection from Harassment (NI) Order 1997 to take action against those involved has been controversial and a decision is awaited on a High Court Judicial Review heard last October.

The spokeswoman concluded: "The unjust treatment of Christians is rarely out of the news headlines. Yet Belfast City Council has now passed a motion seeking to curtail our Human Rights under the European Convention to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. There should be no ‘no go’ areas for anyone in Northern Ireland. The Stop Marie Stopes Campaign will continue to be a voice for unborn children and their mothers, because women and babies deserve better than abortion"

Contact details for all MLAs can be found at the link below:

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