Northern Ireland Votes Pro-Life!

The pro-life majority of Northern Ireland once again used their vote to protect all unborn children. In the lead up to the 2017 General Election, Precious Life, the leading pro-life group in Northern Ireland, encouraged and reinforced their ‘Vote Pro-Life’ Campaign.

The huge success of DUP candidates and their 20% increase of seats shows that the people in Northern Ireland voted pro-life on Thursday 8th May 2017. Your vote and your voice made a vital difference for the protection of mothers and innocent unborn babies.

10 DUP politicians have been elected, all of whom are pro-life and have promised to uphold and respect the dignity and life of our innocent unborn babies. DUP have publicly declared themselves to be a pro-life party. They are potentially going to join forces with the Conservative Party in order to form a government. We, the electorate, must lobby all our elected MPs to ensure they uphold a pro-life stance to promote equality, respect and integrity towards the most vulnerable in our society because Life is a Right not a Privilege!    

Since the introduction of the British 1967 Act, nearly 9 million unborn babies have been brutally murdered by abortion. That’s 200,000 abortions every year, and 600 every day. In fact, the Westminster Parliament is the most anti-life government in Europe. Therefore, our pro-life MPs must save both the lives of mothers and babies.

Unlike the rest of the UK, the people of Northern Ireland have consistently opposed the introduction of abortion and the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act by electing pro-life politicians.

In October 2012, Marie Stopes International, the largest abortion provider in the world, set up a private centre in Belfast, threatening our pro-life laws and with the full support of Sinn Fein, the Green Party and the Alliance Party. Additionally, David Ford, the Minister of Justice, will once again attempt to put forward a bill to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland for terminally ill unborn children and in cases of rape or incest. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is demanding the introduction of abortion right up to the moment of birth, and Amnesty International want to bypass democracy and force abortion in by the back door.

Therefore, this General Election result is a positive, pro-life step in the right direction. We are hopeful that the DUP will stand strong in their opposition to the plans of other political parties to bring forward pro-abortion legislation. Precious Life would like to congratulate the newly elected Members of Parliament who have vowed to defend the right to life of all unborn children at Westminster.

Thank you for using your vote and your voice to elect political candidates who are prepared to stand up and speak out for the rights of the most vulnerable in our society, our unborn children. The fight must continue because without the right to life all other human rights become meaningless. We must continue in our efforts to protect ‘tomorrow’s unborn children today’ by organising and attending the 11th Annual All-Ireland Rally for Life in Dublin on Saturday 1st July 2017.

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