"Every female athlete I know has had an abortion"

12/06/17 Daily Mail

A double-gold Olympic medalist claims every female track-and-field athlete she knows has had an abortion.

Sanya Richards-Ross, 32, said pregnancy and abortions are issues 'that are not really talked about, especially in sports.'

The Jamaican-American athlete revealed in her new book that she herself had an abortion - just one day before leaving for the Beijing Games in the summer of 2008.

'I literally don't know another female track-and-field athlete who hasn't had an abortion and that's sad,' she said in an interview for Sports Illustrated Now. 

'So, for me, I'm hoping that this will open up some discussions - to helping especially a lot of young women who were in my situation not experience what I did.'

Richards-Ross, who won gold in the 400 metres and 4×400 meters relay, said she was 23 years old when she had her abortion in 2008.

Following up on her emotional interview with Sports Illustrated, she had a quick phone call with TMZ who discussed her abortion further, where she admitted that her and other's abortion experience is "something that's really hard to heal from".

British ex-400m hurdler Tasha Danvers has also said she nearly had an abortion just months before the 2004 Olympics.

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