EXPOSED: The Murderous Monstrosity Taking Place at Marie Stopes

The Daily Mail recently broke a story on the release of a damning report from The Care Quality Commission in the U.K. The abysmal report from the Commission revealed that 400 botched abortions were carried out in two months at Marie Stopes’s clinics in the United Kingdom. Yes, you read that right in case you were wondering – an incomprehensible 400 botched abortions in the space of just eight weeks. One botched abortion is enough to send a clinic into total disrepute, but 400 is simply unfathomable.  As Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Lewes said, “The UK abortion industry is knee-deep in allegations of unsafe and unethical practices.”

The incompetency and negligence of one of the U.K’s leading abortion providers is simply astonishing. In light of the recent report, people are queuing up to ask the question; how can a taxpayer-funded organisation get away with such behaviour? Let us remind ourselves that the stakes are indeed high here; every single abortion costs the taxpayer a staggering £600.

In a separate three-month period, 11 women needed emergency transfers to hospitals after this leading abortion provider, (often applauded by abortion advocates as a beacon of women’s healthcare), put the lives of these women in life-threatening danger. Not only do Marie Stopes have absolutely zero regard for the lives of unborn babies; they also disregard the safety and health of the women whom they claim to care for. Marie Stopes is nothing more than a lucrative abortion chain which profits from killing the most vulnerable in society and putting women’s lives at risk.

The hundreds of botched abortions required Marie Stopes patients to have further treatment and of the 11 women taken to hospital as emergency cases, one needed surgery and two required blood transfusions. This is completely and utterly unbelievable and wholly unacceptable. Tax payers are paying for treatment that would not be necessary if it wasn’t for Marie Stopes, their unethical practices and their complete and utter disregard for patients.

This follow-up inspection report, conducted after a staggering 2,600 serious incidents were reported in 2015, was led by chief inspector Professor Mike Richards. He found a whole catalogue of problems including ‘issues with infection prevention and control’ at several of the group’s clinics. Stunningly, there was no evidence whatsoever of checks carried out to improve safety. These major problems are still occurring despite it being a full year after the watchdog forced Marie Stopes to suspend abortions for girls and vulnerable women following public uproar.

The comprehensive report also revealed a “nurse” at a Manchester clinic had ‘no registration and there is no system in place for checking nurses’ performances. Furthermore, in another shocking instance, legal consent for an abortion was obtained from a patient only after her baby had been killed.

The disgraceful conditions inside Marie Stopes’s clinics actually led a new Managing Director to leave just two months after taking up the position. Other incidents noted by inspectors included there were no improved checks (as demanded) to combat the risk of infection. The report further found that Marie Stopes’s staff were not even properly trained to identify complications in scans and no reliable checks had been carried out to confirm that nurses were competent. A Marie Stopes doctor was previously reported for signing 26 consent forms in two minutes, signing for babies to be poisoned and dismembered as if it were nothing.  Dr John Parsons, former Marie Stopes’ consultant gynaecologist, said “We worked in an atmosphere of bullying and pressure – it was nothing more than a conveyor belt service.”

Previous inspections by The Care Quality Commission at Marie Stopes revealed that remains of aborted babies were left in “open hazardous waste bins” and their doctors were ‘bulk signing’ the abortion consent forms. More than 190,000 abortions are carried out each year in Britain, with around 60,000 of these undertaken at Marie Stopes’ abortion centres.  That’s 60,000 babies killed and 60,000 lives of women destroyed and put at serious risk.

The report made nine demands for immediate improvement and warned that the CQC 'will be undertaking further enforcement action, monitoring Marie Stopes International closely and reviewing its progress'. This so-called ‘monitoring’ is frankly just not enough in light of these truly abysmal findings. Marie Stopes have had countless chances to clean up their act and yet report after report proves that they are an incompetent, unethical organisation who have failed women.

The appalling conditions of their contaminated clinics is not legally or medically acceptable. Despite the claims of Marie Stopes, this leading abortion provider care about nothing more than money. Cold hard cash is their driving force; not the protection of women or the provision of decent healthcare. If this was any other medical provider in another field of medicine, it would have been shut down a long time ago. In light of these dire circumstances, it is an absolute disgrace that more has not been done.

Precious Life would urge the commission to review their position and take more significant, robust action to combat the medical negligence of Marie Stopes. These findings should not be taken lightly. The lives of women and children are hanging in the balance.

This well-needed exposure of Marie Stopes shows how horrific, disgusting and inhumane the conditions of these clinics are. Not only is abortion not a form of healthcare, but it is dangerous and life-threatening procedure for mothers.

When women are pregnant they need real healthcare and support. For a progressive, medically advanced, compassionate society we need to promote non-fatal healthcare which affirms the precious lives of both mother and child. Every mother deserves to be treated properly and professionally during her pregnancy. No baby deserves to be brutally torn and dismembered limb from limb in the womb or poisoned to death through non-surgical abortion. Every human being should have the fundamental right to life by virtue of their humanity.

Marie Stopes claim that “your health and wellbeing is our biggest priority.” This report stands in sharp contrast to this claim. Marie Stopes are a corrupt, unethical and inhumane institution who have been exposed as medically negligent. Be assured, the health and wellbeing of the women who avail of their services is the last priority of Marie Stopes.

Generating a profit at the expense of women and children is their biggest focus. Marie Stopes are profoundly anti-woman, anti-child, anti-equality, anti-life and anti-human rights. Precious Life urge the Commission to take immediate action and shut down this money-making, blood-stained, blood-thirsty abortion provider sooner rather than later.




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