Trudeau's Tyrannical Agenda

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had the audacity to tell the Irish Prime Minister, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, that abortion should be a “human right” in Ireland.

During Varadkar's three-day visit to Canada, the two prime ministers discussed the upcoming referendum next year regarding the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. The Eighth Amendment, approved by referendum in 1983, is the last remaining legal protection for uborn children. Without it, the poisoning and dismembering of unborn babies is legal up to birth. How dare Trudeau try and manipulate a change og our PRO-LIFE LAWS. How is it a "human right" to intentionally kill a HUMAN BEING and take very right away from innocent babies. For Mr Trudeau's information the most important HUMAN RIGHT in our world is the right to LIFE.

Varadkar told reporters, “We discussed the issue of abortion, which I know is an important issue for a lot of campaigners for women’s rights in Canada.” Over half of abortions are female. What about "women's rights" to be born. Trudeau revealed that he gave the Taoiseach his own point of view: “On the issue of reproductive rights, I shared our perspective that reproductive rights for women are integral to women’s rights in general and women’s rights are human rights and I encouraged him to look at it as a question of fundamental rights for women and we had a good discussion on that.”

What unintelligent, ignorant words. The deliberate killing of beautiful unborn babies, the most defenceless, vulnerable in our society is referred to by the Prime Minister of a country with a population of over 36 million as mere "reproductive rights." Abortion isn't and never will be healthcare for pregnant women and there is NO right to abortion in ANY international legal instrument - including the Universal Declartion of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. So I put it to Mr Turdeau - what rights are you referring to? The right to "choose" whether someone else lives or dies? "Fundamental" rights Mr Trudeau must mean something different in Canada than in Ireland. In our country we respect and cherish the fundamental right to LIFE because we appreciate and LOVE LIFE and we believe it should be protected always.  

In a press release, Ireland’s Pro Life Campaign stated that if Ireland’s abortion laws were questioned during the Taoiseach’s Canadian visit, the “barbaric” abortion laws of Canada must also be discussed.  Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Dr. Ruth Cullen said, “I’m a little surprised that abortion campaigners are using the Taoiseach’s trip to Canada to try and drum up support for abortion in Ireland given Canada’s particularly grotesque abortion laws. Canada in effect provides no legal protection for unborn babies throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.” Ireland does not want or need the cruel, monstrous, regressive abortion policy in Canada. 80,000 people travelled to Dublin this July to show their support for our laws that protect MOTHERS AND BABIES

Official Canadian figures show that over a 10-year period starting in 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone in the corners of hospitals,” she added. These figures reveal the disgusting, evil and truly barbaric reality of legalised abortion.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath asked "Why on earth would we want anything to do with such a callous, inhumane and monstrous policy that has resulted in 1 in 5 Canadian pregnancies ending in abortion?"

He went on to say, "Mr Trudeau may personally subscribe to such an incomprehensible abortion agenda; but that is no reason to try and foist it on the Irish healthcare system or its people.” 

Ireland’s pro-life laws are constantly attacked with little or no criticism or debate on what happens in other countries. Implied in the criticism of Ireland is that countries like Canada offer an example to the world when it comes to abortion legislation. No. Our country need to set an example and show the rest of the world that we are happy and proud of our pro-life country that protects and respects mothers and babies every day. Our CULTURE OF LIFE must continue. Trudeau should mind his own business and respect our democratic process! To quote Bernadette Smyth, speaking at the All-Ireland Rally for Life in July at Dublin, "We need to show Ireland, north and south, that we are pro-life and we will never accept the killing of our unborn children."

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