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  • Poll shows Public are Pro-Life

    Poll shows Public are Pro-Life

    A recent poll on the UK public's views on abortion showed that 60% of the population want to see the time limit for abortions reduced from the current upper limit of 24 weeks, with one in three favouring a time limit of 12 weeks or lower.

  • Court Case Postponed

    Court Case Postponed

    The judicial review of a mother who helped her 15-year-old daughter procure abortion pills online has been postponed to Autumn.

  • March for Life UK 2017

    March for Life UK 2017

    In the 50th year of legalised abortion in the UK, Precious Life members travelled to the 5th annual March for Life UK last Saturday to be united with all those pro-lifers fervently fighting against a culture of death in the UK