Abortion? 'Not in Our Name' Petition Postcard Campaign

Time is running out to STOP Westminster’s horrific NI abortion law

In July, the Westminster Parliament passed a horrific and radical law to force abortion on Northern Ireland, against the democratic will of the people here. If the Stormont Assembly isn’t reconvened before 21st October 2019 this law will come into force in Northern Ireland and make abortion legal up to the 7th month of pregnancy - and in certain circumstances, even up to birth !

Legalising abortion is not in the name of the people of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Assembly voted against abortion as recently as 2016, and the people of Northern Ireland have consistently opposed the introduction of abortion here. We must send a clear message that we reject the violence and cruelty of abortion, and we must demand that every unborn child is protected - from the moment of conception - in law, policy and practise.

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