"Personhood begins at Conception" Campaign

The most fundamental question each person must ask themselves when it comes to taking a personal stance on the pro-life issue is this: When does life, and therefore personhood, begin? There isn’t a single scientist out there - or scientific textbook - that will protest the scientific fact that life begins at the moment of conception. Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Common sense dictates this also - after all, if life does not begin at that very moment of conception - then, where and when exactly does it begin? It is impossible to point to any other specific point in time and call that the starting point. And to say that life does not have a starting point? Well, we all know that just doesn't make sense.

Precious Life's hugely prominent, long-running 'Personhood Begins at Conception' campaign is a major focus of our work here. Launched in 2016, our team of fantastic volunteers have been working tirelessly on this massively important push to gain as many signatures as possible in the battle to protect those who cannot yet speak for themselves.

The aim of the “Personhood begins at Conception” Campaign is to defend our pro‑life laws and to ensure that every person, from the moment of his or her conception, continues to be protected in Northern Ireland.
As part of this Campaign, we are distributing Petition Postcards throughout Northern Ireland and asking people to sign their name to the declaration: ‘Personhood begins at Conception.’

These postcards will be sent to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, to show them that the people of Northern Ireland are calling for the unconditional right to life of all human beings to be respected and that all children before birth continue to receive equal protection in law, policy, and practice, regardless of their disabilities or the circumstances of their conception.

What are you waiting for? You can help us in this campaign by:
• Signing a Petition Postcard*
• Distributing the Leaflets and Petitions Postcards*
• Collecting signatures in your local area/at your church etc*
• Contacting your Assembly Members (MLAs) urging them to protect all unborn children (For a list of your Assembly Members, and how to contact them, go to www.writetothem.com)
• Make a Donation to the Campaign

For leaflets and postcards, simply contact our campaign office on 028 9027 8484!

Our volunteers have really come out in force for this campaign – We’ve had petitions signed all across the North – from Derry to Down, on the streets, in Churches, and in homes far and wide with passionate pro-life people spreading the message at the heart of the campaign to friends, family and the public. Youth for Life, the flourishing youth branch of Precious Life, have hit the streets of our towns and cities in a mission to promote the protection of every other young person. Young or old, no matter what age you are, this campaign is one you can most definitely get involved in!

So, what are you waiting for? With such a crucial campaign currently running, there is no better time to step up and stand for life!

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