"Lobby for Life" Campaign petition postcards

Precious Life has launched the Lobby for Life Campaign in response to the countless attacks on our life-saving laws in Northern Ireland. We are encouraging everyone to contact us TODAY (by phone on 028 9027 8484 or through email at info@preciouslife.com) and we will mail you out a batch of petition postcards to distribute across your communities, churches, parishes and among your family and friends. 

A group of pro-abortion MPs in Westminster want to change the law and legalise abortion in Northern Ireland right up to the moment of birth. These pro-abortion politicians are campaigning to repeal Sections 58 and 59 of the of the '1861 Offences Against The Person Act.' Repealing this Act would remove all safeguards for pregnant women, leaving them and their unborn children with no legal protection throughout the whole nine months of pregnancy.    

Abortion is a devolved issue in Northern Ireland. Therefore, Westminster MPs and Peers must respect the democratic process. This Campaign is CRUCIAL and gives the people of Northern Ireland the chance to have their say! Get involved today to help protect women and babies from the horror of abortion.


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