4136 unborn babies killed by NI Department of Health

The Northern Ireland Department of Health have admitted they’ve killed 4136 babies in the womb since March 2020

The shocking figure was obtained by TUV leader Jim Allister MLA after he submitted a written question to the Department of Health in relation to the period up to 22nd September 2022.

Jim Allister said: "Since the change in Northern Ireland’s abortion laws at the end of March 2020 a total of 4,136 abortions have been performed in Northern Ireland. Broken down by Health Trust, there have been 1,313 in Belfast, 997 in the Northern, 882 in the South Eastern, 703 in the Southern and 241 in the Western Trust. The figures, obtained from the Department of Health in response to my written question, relate to the period up to 22nd September 2022."

Mr. Allister added “On the only occasion when the public were given opportunity to express an opinion on abortion a massive 79% of the 21,200 responses to the consultation recorded their opposition to the abortion regulations. In spite of what some in the media may try to claim, there is still considerable opposition to abortion in Northern Ireland and there will be many who will share my alarm at the growth in the number of abortions in our Province.”

One death by abortion is one too many, but 4,136 little babies killed by a so-called department of 'health' is both shocking and horrific. Westminster inflicted this on Northern Ireland through their Section 9 legislation - which was supported by SDLP, Sinn Fein, Alliance Party, Green Party, PBP, and other pro-abortion Assembly Members. These MLAs are complicit in the deaths of these 4,136 babies.

Precious Life will not let the killing of these babies be forgotten! Precious Life's 'REPEAL SECTION 9 CAMPAIGN' will continue until full legal protection is restored to EVERY unborn baby in Northern Ireland.

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