Precious Life congratulate everyone involved in the ONE OF US Campaign in Ireland, as the quota of petition signatures has been reached.

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, “The ONE OF US Campaign has been an outstanding success. We congratulate everyone involved in the Campaign on the island of Ireland.”

Ireland United for Life representative Dana Rosemary Scallon said, "The people and groups throughout Ireland who supported this pro-life initiative are to be congratulated. They have sent a message that Government and members of the Dail cannot ignore the Constitutional right of the Irish people to have final say on the matter of Abortion. Irish people respect of the dignity of each member of the human family, no matter how young that member is."

The European total has now reached 1,700,000. 

We urge people to continue to sign until the ONE OF US Petition closes at 11pm tonight (1st November.)

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