"Lobby for Life" Campaign

  • Why do I need to lobby for life?

  • What is lobbying?

  • Who can lobby?

  • How can I "Lobby for Life?"

    There are many ways to contact your politicians. Some of the most commonly used are: phone, email, sending letters, Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting their Constituency Office in person. Sending a personal message will have more impact than a template. It also allows you to explain your own reasons for asking for their support.

    For contact details, see - “What are the Political Parties’ views on abortion?” or telephone Precious Life on 028 9027 8484 for further details.

    You can also send your politicians a message at: http://www.theyworkforyou.com

    The Lobby for Life Campaign is vital to defend our pro-life laws and ensure that every person, from the moment of conception, continues to be protected in Northern Ireland. For all the information and literature you require, please contact Precious Life for a Lobby for Life Information Pack.

    Alternatively you can download our Lobby for Life leaflet here.

  • What are the Political Parties' views on abortion?

  • How else can I help?

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