• Stormont Estate Map

    Stormont Estate Map

    Need help with directions? Download a map of the Stormont Estate today to prepare for the All Ireland Rally for Life on Saturday 7th July!

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  • All Ireland Rally for Life 2018

    All Ireland Rally for Life 2018

    Summer 2018 - the most important date on the pro-life calendar is 7th July. That’s when we hope you join with thousands of others to speak up for the right to life. Meet us at the Stormont Parliament Buildings, Belfast @ 2pm on Saturday, 7 July 2018

    Powerful pro-abortion campaigners in Ireland, the UK, European Union and United Nations are attacking our pro-life laws. That’s why it’s so important we show our opposition to abortion and to stay strong for life. On 7th July, lets do that! Find the Rally for Life leaflet attached and get the word out about the biggest event of the summer!

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  • 40 Days for Life Devotional Book

    40 Days for Life Devotional Book

    Join our "40 Days for Life" campaign by joining us at our Prayer Vigils in Belfast Monday to Friday! 

    Download and pray the daily devotionals. 

    Alternatively you can sign up to recieve these devotionals by sending us your email to

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  • "40 days for Life" Campaign Leaflet

    "40 days for Life" Campaign Leaflet

    Join peaceful Prayer Vigils outside abortion facilities. Check with your local pro‑life group for information about Prayer Vigils in your area. [In Northern Ireland, Precious Life’s Prayer Vigils are held outside the FPA and Marie Stopes abortion referral agencies in Belfast.]

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  • "Lobby for Life" Campaign Leaflet

    "Lobby for Life" Campaign Leaflet

    There is a concerted campaign to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland. Pro-abortion groups are conspiring with pro-abortion politicians to change our pro-life laws and legalise the killing of unborn children.

    Read are informative leaflet about lobbying your politicians to protect the right to life of unborn children.

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