Bias Citizen's Assembly favours Repeal of Eighth Amendment

25/04/2017 Life Institute

As you may have heard, the Citizen's Assembly in the Republic of Ireland voted last weekend in favour of a repeal of the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution. An "unbiased" group of 99 random members had been meeting over the past few months to hear presentations from different groups both for and against the Eighth Amendment. The final meeting on 23rd April 2017 concluded with the group voting on a number of different ballots, the first being 87% voting in favour of repealing this amendment, the last remaining protection of Irish unborn children. This is a very serious development that will affect the whole of Ireland. 

Sign the petition to call on the Oireachtas to reject all calls to hold a referendum on the repeal, or alteration, of the pro-life Eighth Amendment.

The Life Institute has said that the Citizens Assembly’s decision to undermine the right to life of preborn children comes as no surprise since the Assembly was, from the beginning, a farce which openly showed its bias by giving a platform to abortionists and extremists.
Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that it was both “shocking and sad” that Assembly members had been led to believe that they could take the right to life away from other human beings, simply because preborn children were weak and defenceless and could not defend themselves from attack. 
“The unborn child was mostly ignored by the Assembly, but that is not happening in the real world, and the government cannot control the debate outside of the Assembly. We’re confident that Ireland’s protection of mother and baby will be retained when it comes to a referendum,” she said. 
The Life Institute spokeswoman said that the Assembly had been designed by the government to justify legalising abortion, even though exit polls after the last election showed that abortion was only a priority for 2% of the electorate.
"It was obvious from the beginning that the Assembly has now become a farce, since no reasonable person could think that abortionists are impartial witnesses in a debate on the 8th amendment," said Ms Uí Bhriain. Patricia Lohr, a British abortionist  and Gilda Segh, an abortion advocate, has been presented as impartial experts to the Assembly, while other so-called impartial expert advisors had also taken public positions in favour of abortion.

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