Facebook Takes Action!

The Facebook page of Women on Web, an organisation that helps women obtain abortion pills, was shut down for 24 hours due to promotion or encouragement of drug use. The Guardian released an article on Friday 12th May revealing that that this is the second censorship row between Facebook and Women on Web. 

Women on Web is based in Amsterdam. Its sister organisation Women on Waves stated: “Women on Web provides life-saving information to thousands of women worldwide. Its Facebook page publishes news, scientific information and the protocols of the World Health Organization”.

“We expect Facebook will [undo] this action soon enough, as access to information is a human right.”

This so-called “life-saving information” should involve providing women with medical, emotional, financial, life-affirming support throughout and after their pregnancies for as long as needed, particularly crisis pregnancies, so that the lives of mothers and their children are saved. There is never a medical necessity for an abortion, the intentional killing of an unborn child. Medical experts should always try to simultaneously save both the life of the mother and her baby and no scientist in the world will say or can prove that human life doesn’t begin at conception. Women on Web don’t provide scientific information they provide information regarding an illegal drug that causes the dismembering, poisoning and murder of an innocent baby. We must remember the fundamental right to life!

Facebook have subsequently reinstated the Women on Web Facebook page. What a ridiculous decision. A recent comment by Women on Web organisation stated, “We appreciate so much all the support from many persons and organizations who have spoken up for freedom of expression and the human rights of women”. I support a woman’s right to be born because without the right to life all other rights become meaningless.  

Facebook has content reviewers that are tasked with applying the company’s “community standards”, often with uneven results. How could Facebook reinstate a website that promotes illegal drugs? It’s an absolute disgrace! They are not only promoting and providing illicit medication, they are encouraging women to take these pills that have caused dangerous side effects, with at least 22 deaths caused through abortion pills

TAKE ACTION: We would urge you to go on to the Women on Web Facebook page  and report them.

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