Increased Breast Cancer with Abortion

A new British study by Patrick S. Carroll and colleagues shows a high correlation with abortion and breast cancer that remains ignored or denied in our so-called “politically correct” society. 
For at least 20 years, researchers have been tracing a link between birth control methods and the rising incidence of breast cancer.
The Planned Parenthood establishment turn a blind eye to these medical discoveries while simultaneously increasing the chances of women developing breast cancer through executing abortions and providing hormonal contraception, 
“There is significant literature that demonstrates that induced abortion as well as hormonal contraceptives and HRT [hormone replacement therapy], also raise the risk of developing breast cancer.” 
British data shows a high positive correlation between abortion rates and breast cancer in women aged 50-54, since abortion was legalised in the UK in 1967. This also seems to reflect the beginning of hormonal contraception with “extensive use.” 
Abortion, especially of the first pregnancy, not only removes the protective maturing of the breasts during pregnancy and lactation, but actually leaves them in a more vulnerable state, while the estrogen in hormonal contraceptives increases cancer risk. A new study from Finland in March found further evidence of a link between hormonal contraceptives (the IUD) and breast cancer and according to Simon Caldwell, writing for the Daily Mail, Abortion “triples breast cancer risk”
Despite the serious risks of breast cancer, “doctors continue to prescribe hormonal contraceptive on a massive scale” and there is a failure of public health education and breast cancer prevention programmes. Indeed, women should be informed and the authorities should plan for an increasing breast cancer burden on the health system based on all known risk factors and not just “politically correct” ones.
There has been no opposition to this neglected, or rather, deliberately side-lined area of cancer research due to Carroll’s use of first class resources. However, getting his work published in medical journals is extremely difficult. 
The (British) Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health offered “no intelligent comments or constructive criticism”. They said they read it with great interest but found it “unsuitable” for their audience.  
The defensive attitudes are not difficult to discern. Carroll describe the situation in the UK in their published paper: 
“In the UK, claims under medical professional liability insurance are largely in the area of obstetrics and gynaecology. If women who experience breast cancer could make claims against doctors for prescribing hormonal contraceptives or approving induced abortions, there would be many more claims.” 
Therefore, medical journals are holding back vital, life-affirming information for the mere fear of a medical negligence claim. Surely this undermines their duty of care and Hippocratic Oath! 
American Study
A Vancouver researcher, Brent Rooney, is asserting that a recent surge in breast cancer cases among older African-American women is the downstream effect of legalising abortion in the U.S. with the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. Recent studies by Harvard Professor David Williams back this up, but Rooney readily admits that Williams himself favours a more “politically correct” explanation.  
Williams’ 2016 study on breast cancer in the U.S. found that “black women had a death rate for breast cancer that was more than twice as high as the rate for whites at ages 35 to 44, was 70% higher at the ages 45 to 54, and was 50% higher at the ages of 55 to 64 years.” 
Rooney points to the sudden surge in abortions among black women after 1973 and American black women continue to have abortions at four times the rate of Caucasian women. He said a crucial link between abortion and breast cancer emerged in a 1983 study conducted by Drs. Dimitrios Trichopoulos and Brian MacMahon. “It found each one-year delay in the first full-term pregnancy boosts breast cancer risk by 3.5% compounded,” said Rooney.  
The delayed first pregnancy-breast cancer link is well established and “The medical establishment does not dare deny it.” However, what that establishment “buried” is the role of abortion in relating to breast cancer at all despite the fact that abortions and delayed first pregnancy can lead to a 41% higher risk if it is delayed 10 years and a 68% higher risk with a 15-year delay.” 
This month the BioMedical Central Women’s Health published on their website that those with prior induced abortions have 5.41 times the breast cancer risk as women with no prior induced abortions. 
The link between abortion and breast cancer lies in the delayed development of the mammary gland tissues. These tissues exist in immature, “undifferentiated” form at the cell level, where they also have the potential to develop into cancer cells. When the mother brings her first baby to full term, most of this tissue develops into fully mature, milk-producing cells that are much less likely to become cancerous than immature cells. 
“Over the last 10 years and three months, there have been 50 significant studies published on abortion and breast cancer,” Rooney said." Forty-nine studies report that prior abortions boost breast cancer risk.”

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