Reflective Public Attitudes to Abortion?

Professor Ann Marie Gray delivered the results of a Life and Times survey by NI ARK. Precious Life say this survey cannot be taken seriously.  1208 people in Northern Ireland out of 1.8 million does not represent a majority! It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that this means that the “majority” of people in Northern Ireland want to see a change in our abortion laws. This survey uses terms that aren’t even medically accurate.

Northern Ireland is the safest place for mothers and babies. Both lives must be protected and saved because Life is the most important Human Right. Ironic how it is a LIFE and times survey. We cannot use specific circumstances to change a wide domain. The value of a human life cannot be ranked based on the circumstances of conception or any disability the baby may have. It doesn’t change the fact that it is a human being in the womb. Two bodies and two lives.

Kiara McCoy, director of Stanton Healthcare, said that “This survey is being used to push for abortion-on demand.Stanton Healthcare protects women and children, providing emotional, medical and financial support during and after pregnancy. “Northern Ireland provides women with all the healthcare they need. This survey is an inaccurate, deceptive way to imply that women don’t have the real healthcare required. It should be noted that the strong majority of people in Northern Ireland are not in favour of abortion in social circumstance and it would be interesting to know really how informed the people taking this survey are to the reality of abortion.”

Precious Life will continue working to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable!


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