Scotland to fund free NHS abortions for Northern Irish women

The Scottish Government confirmed that women from Northern Ireland will be provided with free abortions in Scotland. Last week the Westminster Government backed funding for women from Northern Ireland to access free abortions in England, while Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones did the same on Tuesday. This is a complete betrayal, demoralisation and weakening of our democratic process in Northern Ireland. 

MP Ian Paisley has made his own pro-life view and the pro-life stance of the Democratic Unionist Party abundantly clear, “The rights of the unborn child, in my view, and in the views of the people in my party, and on this bench, trump, trump any political agreement that has been put in place.”

The Scottish Government's view is that abortion should be part of standard healthcare for all women, and available free from stigma. Green MSP Alison Johnstone said "Scotland has a chance to provide much-needed support. This is about trusting women to decide what is best for them.”


We trust women. We don't trust ABORTION. The dismemberment and poisoning of babies is not a human right. Abortion kills a human being and stops a beating heart, leaving women with potential lifelong regret, an increased risk of breast cancer and other serious illnesses and in some cases it takes the life of the mother as well as her baby.

Abortion is not healthcare! Women need REAL healthcare and life-affirming support. Let’s provide all pregnant women, particularly those in crisis pregnancies, with all the emotional, medical and financial support they need throughout and after their pregnancy. In a world where there is enough bloodshed let’s put a stop to nearly 60 million babies dying through abortion every year.


We encourage everyone in Northern Ireland to contact their MLAs and MPs and express their outrage at this disgraceful decision that will lead to more bloodshed in OUR world. We must stand united as a PRO-LIFE COUNTRY and demand that our DEMOCRACY is respect and thus our children will be protected!

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