Queen's University Shame on You!

Leo Varadkar, the current Irish Prime Minister, the Taoiseach, visited Queen’s University Belfast on Friday the 4th August to discuss the issue of Brexit.

However, in the front row of the crowd three Queen’s students were allowed to sit wearing repeal the 8th jumpers. This is absolutely outrageous! This should not have been allowed under any circumstances considering how controversial and emotive this issue is. A current student at Queen's and president of the Pro-Life society has made a formal complaint about this inexcusable pro-abortion, anti-life demonstration.

Furthermore, two of these students are vice presidents of welfare and education for Queen’s University Student’s Union. Therefore, they have the responsibility to represent ALL students. The pro-life society would argue that this is not even a true representation of young people in Northern Ireland never mind the students at Queen's University. This talk on Brexit should not have been a platform for pro-abortion people to fulfil their own agenda!

Queen’s allowing this to be promoted and acknowledged is an absolute disgrace. “Repeal the 8th” means removing the 8th amendment from the law in the Republic of Ireland. 

Bernadette Smyth, director of Northern Ireland's leading pro-life group Precious Life, said, "The 8th amendment is the last remaining legal protection for unborn children. Without this legislation, the poisoning and dismembering of innocent babies is legal up to birth, including at least 90% of babies with Down’s Syndrome."

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