Thousands March for the Babies in Melbourne

Thousands marched through the heart of Melbourne on Saturday demanding human rights for babies before birth and support for their mothers. March for the Babies 2017 was a resounding success despite the fact that the Australian and wider international media chose to virtually ignore it.

Roughly 2,000 young pro-lifers led a ‘March for the Babies’ in Melbourne at the weekend. Busy weekend shoppers took the time to watch the joyful march pass them by, pulling out their smartphones to film the beautiful spectacle making a splash on the streets of Melbourne. Young pro-lifers full of vitality led the march, visually demonstrating how the pro-life cause gets younger every single year. These young people know that they are definitely on the right side of history. The march was extremely well intended, emphatically reinforcing the distain and disgust that many in the area have for the region’s abysmal model of abortion, which allows abortion up to birth.

The March for the babies is an annual protest which takes place in Melbourne, Australia, protesting against Victoria's abortion laws which allow abortion throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy. Those involved vow to keep marching until the state’s brutal abortion laws are changed.

The Australian state of Victoria which has Melbourne as its coastal capital, sees an estimated 20,000 babies aborted every year. Victoria is an abortion stronghold, but it is clear that many Victorians are waking up to the awful realities of widespread abortion on demand, feeling disappointed and abhorred by the destruction the biggest 21st century causes.

The complete failure of the mainstream media to not report this event at all, demonstrates a categorical truth censoring of the predominantly young pro-life movement in Australia.

Speaking from the steps of Parliament House, Guest speaker Julie Robinson said that Heath Department statistics reveal that two healthy late term babies, who have nothing physically wrong, are terminated each week in Victoria.

Many in attendance were thrilled by the excellent turnout with people from all over Australia and even overseas. Many commended the Victorian police for the amazing job done to keep pro-abortion protestors at bay.

Next year the March for the Babies will take place just before the Victorian State election. An enormous turnout is expected as a young pro-life generation seek to elect MPs who will dismantle Victoria’s callous abortion laws.

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