Scotland Betrays Democracy!

The Scottish Government confirmed last month that women from Northern Ireland will be provided with free abortions in Scotland on the NHS and the provision came into force today. This complete betrayal, demoralisation and undermining of our democratic process in Northern Ireland is an absolute disgrace.

This is a contradiction and betrayal of democracy and completely hyopcritical considering Scotland fought to make abortion a devolved issue in 2015. Scotland should respect our democratic process as Holyrood demanded respect from the Westminster governement in 2015. No other governement should have the right to dictate our laws as abortion is a devolved issue in Northern Ireland. Even a recent ruling by the UK Supreme Court emphasised that abortion is indeed a devolved issue and it was not for the court to "address the ethical considerations which underlie the difference" in the law regarding abortion in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.


MP Ian Paisley has made his own pro-life view and the pro-life stance of the Democratic Unionist Party abundantly clear, “The rights of the unborn child, in my view, and in the views of the people in my party, and on this bench, trump, trump any political agreement that has been put in place.”

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell said she is "proud this government is working hard to ensure women are always able to access clinically safe services” and “ensuring we have a health service that puts patient care and dignity at its very heart."

Abortion is not healthcare and is in no way safe for women. It is the deliberate destruction of an innocent human being, an unborn child. Scotland should be ashamed of themselves. Abortion is a devolved issue and should stay that way! Millions of taxpayers' money is now going to be spend, in Scotland, on the killing of Irish, unborn babies while there are hundreds of thousands of people on waiting lists for life-saving operations.


Precious Life will be encouraging everyone in Northern Ireland to contact their MLAs and MPs and express their outrage at this disgraceful decision that will lead to more bloodshed in our world. We must stand united as a pro-life country and demand that our democracy is respected and thus our children will be protected!

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