On Thursday 2nd March... VOTE PRO-LIFE

Why your vote matters for the most vulnerable
Before the collapse of the Stormont Assembly in January 2017, the Alliance Party MLA for South Antrim, David Ford, sought to legalise abortion of babies with life-limiting disabilities, right up to the moment of birth. His Private Member’s Bill was expected to be debated and put to a vote as early as February 2017, but when the Assembly was dissolved his Bill was scrapped.
However, during the next Assembly term, there will be another attempt to change our pro-life laws to permit the killing of the most vulnerable in society– our unborn babies with disabilities. David Ford is so hell-bent on changing our pro-life laws he has stated that, if re-elected, the first thing he will do is resubmit his evil Bill in the next Assembly. He has the full support of the Alliance Party behind him, along with Sinn Féin, Green Party, People Before Profit, and some members of the Ulster Unionist Party who also want to liberalise our pro-life laws.
This is a matter of life and death for future generations of unborn children in Northern Ireland. This is why we urge you to ‘Vote PRO-LIFE’ on Thursday 2nd March 2017
Make your vote count for unborn babies
Please make full use of the ‘Transferable Vote’ system to elect only pro‑life politicians. On your ballot paper, mark number “1” beside the pro‑life candidate of your choice. Remember to continue on for as long as you like along the ballot paper, marking 2, 3, 4, 5 beside other pro‑life candidates in order of your preference. But DO NOT mark ANY number beside a pro‑abortion candidate!
To protect the most vulnerable in society you must act now
Before you vote on 2nd March, inform yourself about where the candidates in your constituency stand on the abortion issue. If they cannot promise to defend the right to life of unborn children in all circumstances, they cannot be considered suitable candidates for our Assembly, no matter how appealing their other policies may be. If a candidate is unwilling to protect the life of a little unborn baby, how can he or she respect your value and dignity as a human being? Without the right to life - all other rights are meaningless.
Take part in our “Red Letter Day”
Friday 24th February 2017 is Precious Life’s ”Red Letter Day” for unborn children. We urge you, your family and friends to bombard the candidates by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or by visiting their constituency office with one question:    
“If elected, will you defend the right to life of all unborn children?”
You can also help protect the lives of our unborn children by distributing more of these leaflets in your area. For more leaflets, or further information about the candidates in your constituency, please contact Precious Life on 028 9027 8484 or email info@preciouslife.com or log on to www.preciouslife.com
Guide to the Political Parties’ views on abortion
Alliance Party: In 2016, Trevor Lunn and Stewart Dickson, Alliance MLAs for Lagan Valley and East Antrim, proposed amendments in the Assembly to legalise abortion of unborn babies with life-limiting disabilities, right up to the moment of birth. Party leader Naomi Long stated that all current Alliance MLAs support a change in the law in these circumstances. David Ford, their candidate for South Antrim, said that if re-elected, he will resubmit his Abortion Bill on the day he returns to the Assembly. Contact 028 9032 4274 or email alliance@allianceparty.org
Democratic Unionist Party (DUP): The DUP states it is a pro-life party and has made clear that it has “stood by its commitment to family values and marriage and will continue to do so”. The DUP has also pledged to establish perinatal hospice care in Northern Ireland for parents whose unborn babies have been diagnosed with life-limiting disabilities.  It is vital that the Party keeps its pro-life stance and does not compromise this position in any new power-sharing agreements in the new Assembly. Contact 028 9065 4479 or email leereynolds@dup.org.uk
Green Party: This Party supports the introduction of abortion-on-demand, right up to the moment of birth. Green Party MLA Clare Bailey volunteers as a ‘Marie Stopes escort’. These ‘escorts’ march women in crisis pregnancies out of the Marie Stopes abortion referral centre and aggressively obstruct the pro-life counsellors who are offering women valuable information and support. Contact 028 9145 9110 or email info@greenpartyni.org
People Before Profit: The Party supports the introduction of abortion-on-demand, right up to the moment of birth. Party members also work alongside pro-abortion activist groups. Their MLA for Foyle, Eamonn McCann, has admitted to helping women obtain illegal abortion drugs. Contact 07927688875 or email info@peoplebeforeprofit.ie
Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP): The Party states, “The SDLP is a pro-life Party with a long standing and consistent position on the protection of the life of the unborn child [...] the SDLP is opposed to abortion and to any extension of the Abortion Act 1967 to Northern Ireland.” However during the 2016 abortion amendment vote, Claire Hanna (South Belfast) refused to vote in line with party policy. Furthermore, Naomh Gallagher, the SDLP’s second candidate in South Belfast, is an outspoken supporter of abortion. Contact 028 9024 7700 or email info@sdlp.ie
Sinn Féin: Sinn Féin supports the legalisation of abortion of unborn babies with life-limiting disabilities, right up to the moment of birth. On its current election campaign posters, Sinn Féin is calling for “equality for all”, but the party does not cherish all the children of the nation equally. Contact 028 9034 7350 or email sfassembly@outlook.com
Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV): The TUV states that the Party is solidly pro-life and will continue to oppose any change in the law. Contact 028 90521461 or email samuel.morrison@party.niassembly.gov.uk
Ulster Unionist Party (UUP): The Party is divided on abortion. Some members are pro-life and some are pro-abortion. Party leader Mike Nesbitt and MLA Andy Allen voted in favour of changing the law to allow abortion of babies with life-limiting disabilities, right up to the moment of birth. For individual candidates’ views on abortion, contact 028 9047 4630 or email uup@uup.org
‘Independents’ and other Parties: For information on other Parties and Independent candidates’ views on abortion, please contact Precious Life on 028 90278484 or click on
www.preciouslife.com for the latest updates.

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