"The Heartless Machine" by Lucy Kelly

"Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women" - Alice Paul

The Daily Mail published an article on Sunday 5th March 2017 written by Katherine Faulkner and Sara Smyth of their investigations unit. 

The article exposes the chilling reality behind Marie Stopes, Britain’s largest abortion provider. It has been revealed that their doctors “approve thousands of abortions without meeting the women”, ‘bulk signing’ the consent forms. More than 190,000 abortions are carried out each year in Britain, with around 60,000 of these undertaken at Marie Stopes’ abortion centres. 

Marie Stopes don’t have the compassion and respect to give women proper face-to-face, personal consultations. Furthermore, they manipulate the reasons for abortion these women provide. ‘By the time the reporter got to the clinic, her “I just don’t want the baby” justification had been recorded in her medical notes as ‘client is unable emotionally to continue with pregnancy’, which fits the legal conditions’. In one centre, doctors handled a consultation with a woman with a learning disability “poorly and insensitively” and failed to ensure she understood what abortion involved.

Marie Stopes, a profitable business, determines the fate of unborn babies and effectively rubber-stamps a decision” that their mothers “regret for the rest of their days”. The Care Quality Commission inspectors at the Marie Stopes centre in Maidstone, Kent voiced concern over the fact that when certifying the legal grounds for an abortion, “the two certifying doctors had not usually seen the patient prior to a termination”. The doctors instead “relied on the healthcare assistance or nurse’s summary of the facts”.

These “remote doctors” that approve abortions for women they’ve never seen in person mirrors the cold, faceless, money-making machine that is Marie Stopes. One doctor was reported signing 26 consent forms in two minutes, signing for babies to be poisoned and dismembered. Dr John Parsons, former Marie Stopes’ consultant gynaecologist, said “We worked in an atmosphere of bullying and pressure – it was nothing more than a conveyor belt service.”

Inspectors at Marie Stopes also found failings in infection control systems, with poor hand hygiene, and failures in following basic surgery checklists. Remains of aborted babies were left in “open hazardous waste bins”. This capital punishment prison for children shows no respect to these innocent babies with regards to a proper burial. Unborn children have not only been denied their fundamental right to life but their human value and dignity has been reduced to the same level as dangerous waste.    

Twenty-two seconds. The time it takes to pour yourself a cup of tea. To organise your fantasy football line-up. To apply your favourite lipstick. To update your Facebook status. 22 seconds. “That’s how little time it can take for a call-centre worker at Marie Stopes to approve of an abortion.” To authorise a human life ending.

The CEO of Marie Stopes has stated that the “passion and excellence of our 5000 team members worldwide are improving hundreds of millions of lives, empowering women and men with the information and quality services they need to have children by choice, not chance”.

This statement is propaganda at its finest. An advertisement to promote a business that makes money by killing babies. The Marie Stopes workers have passion to kill another human being. Destroying hundreds of millions of lives – ending the lives of unborn children and damaging the lives of their mothers. Empowering women and men to become parents of a dead baby. No, women and men need to be empowered to realise that abortion is not the answer. They may not want their baby but other people, unable to conceive, do. Majority of abortions are for convenience. Therefore, abortion has never been about choice. It’s about escaping the consequences of your choices by taking all choices away from another human being.

Medical advances mean babies born before the 24-week time limit can “survive and thrive” and “Parliament must surely consider this matter again”. However, Parliament is unwilling to acknowledge these medical advances but have instead introduced a bill to decriminalise abortion. A ten-minute rule bill introduced by Diana Johnson, the Labour MP for Hull North, sought permission of the House to change two sections of a law passed in 1861. Johnson’s bill was strongly opposed by Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Lewes, “I and my colleagues will not be silenced as we seek to be the voices of the voiceless.”

Caulfield said that the wider availability of the abortion pills online “should motivate greater concern for women’s health and make us wary of greater liberalisation of the law”. Furthermore, the bill was being proposed “at a time when the UK abortion industry is knee-deep in allegations of unsafe and unethical practices”.

Unfortunately, many MPs didn’t even show up to vote and as a result the lives of countless unborn children are hanging in the balance. Therefore, there must be a push to abolish the 1967 Act, protect the lives of every unborn baby and their mothers in England, Scotland and Wales. Let’s put an end to the scourge of abortion!  


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