The Barbaric Hypocrisy

The Belfast Telegraph released a report that local pro-choice campaigner, Helen Crickard, won’t be prosecuted following PSNI abortion pill raid on March 8th, International Woman’s Day. The warranted search of Ms Crickard’s office came about as the PSNI is “developing an official policy on the handling of investigations when women buy, possess or take the tablets”.

The article alludes to the abortion law in Northern Ireland and emphasises that “Taking or supplying such medication with the intention of procuring or inducing an abortion would constitute an offence contrary to Offences against the Person Act 1861”. Furthermore, “the supply of any prescription only medicines may constitute an offence”. It is clear from the report that the police didn’t have enough evidence to press charges with regards to the possession of abortion medication. However, we firmly believe and trust in the police that they will continue to investigate these cases of illegal abortion pills being distributed and consumed in Northern Ireland. 

The law is clear and unambiguous. Therefore, people won’t be criminalised if they abide by the law. If a crime has been committed, it is for the PSNI to investigate. From there, a file is send to the Public Prosecution Service. The prosecutor then decides whether there is sufficient evidence and whether it is in the public interest to put a person on trial. The PSNI stated that there was “much public interest in relation to this sensitive topic”. It is a sensitive issue because it means the difference between life and death of a baby, the difference between motherhood and becoming the mother of a dead baby, the difference between love and hate, war and peace, right and wrong.

Ms Crickard stated that the investigation was a “defamation of her character”. The hypocrisy of these words is very clear. She is openly pro-abortion and the media revealed that in June 2012 that 200 abortion activists, including Helen Crickard, signed an open letter declaring that they had helped women to get pills, broken the law and they invited the PSNI to prosecute them. Ms Crickard had previously said, “It’s not a nice feeling to think that people are after you. However, we won’t be silent. We’re creative, and we will find ways around this.” This Belfast artist’s creativity is not only displayed on a canvas but to illegally kill innocent unborn children.   

Medical professionals have warned women not to take abortion drugs. Since 2001, at least 22 women worldwide have died from haemorrhage, toxic shock, sepsis, organ failure and ruptured ectopic pregnancy following an early abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol.

Ms Crickard said, "This is the fault of our politicians who have completely failed to protect women in Northern Ireland by denying them the right to the same healthcare women in the rest of the UK can access.”

Our laws are protecting women. An abortion isn’t and never will be healthcare. Just because the law is different in the rest of the UK doesn’t mean that that law is right or humane. Customs officers were thought to be less strict in the north, and some women in the Republic use the addresses of activists in Belfast to get the pills delivered before sending them over the border.  

Ms Crickard went on to say, “At the moment we have a situation in Northern Ireland where women cannot even get an abortion if they are carrying a baby with a fatal foetal abnormality. They have to travel to the mainland and bring their foetus back in a plastic bag. It's barbaric."

A “fatal foetal abnormality” isn’t a medical term. In a society where political correctness and the treatment of people with disabilities is so important how come they are treated as inferior humans when they are in the womb. What is the difference except the level of their development? Is a 1 year old inferior to a 25 year old? Referring to an unborn baby as a foetus is dehumanising. Abortion is and always will be inhumane and disgustingly barbaric.

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