Mechanical Family Planning

Whether it’s your favourite coffee mug or a beloved living room ornament, a lot of your belongings will say they were made in China. If you have visited China you will know the beauty of the country and its strong Chinese culture, from its food to its fashion. However, China have a dark, disgusting secret.

China’s one-child and now two-child policy may seem to be a clever solution to overpopulation. However, it is an excuse to force people to kill their children. The Dying Rooms in China show thousands of innocent babies being treated like wild animals, tied to chairs and being left for dead. Many babies have been left on the side of the road abandoned just because they are girls.

China's two-child policy has grown wings and franchised. This inhumanity seems to be travelling like poison across to the UK. From the 6th April 2017 support provided through Child Tax Credit will be limited. If you already have 2 or more children any subsequent children born on or after 6 April 2017 will not be eligible for further support.

In addition to the 2 child limit, the ‘family element’ of £545 per year will be abolished. In effect this will mean that families where the eldest child is born on or after 6 April will not receive the family element. Also, if you have 3 or more children you won’t be able to make a new Universal Credit claim at the moment.

The so-called 'rape clause' states that a woman can claim for a third or subsequent child if it was conceived "as a result of a sexual act which you didn't or couldn't consent to" or "at a time when you were in an abusive relationship, under ongoing control or coercion by the other parent of the child". This clause and the 2 child limit in general will create a society, a corrupt disillusioned way of thinking where a third child is an inconvenience, a burden, inferior to his or her siblings.

These financial strains will cause a domino effect of people becoming very mechanical and even heartless when it comes to having children. Money can cause stress and greed which can act as blinders on compassion and humanity. This mechanical family planning is unnatural when it is fueled by financial fear and is a slippery slope to people justifying and condoning killing an innocent child to save money.

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