Virtual Reality

Planned Parenthood has created an eight-minute virtual reality video called ‘Across the Line’. This computerised footage is an attempt to portray pro-life activists and campaigners in a negative, biased and falsified way.

The Sea Change Programme showed the video at Sundance Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, and South by Southwest Interactive. The video deals with people protesting outside abortion clinics, as they are entitled to do so, but manipulating and fabricating how this is done. It is very clear that the purpose of this video is to demonise and silence pro-life groups who want to provide vulnerable women in crisis pregnancy with loving care and alternatives.

Planned Parenthood are a pro-abortion institution that make their blood-stained money through killing innocent unborn children, stripping them of their fundamental human right to life. Donald Trump has been fighting this modern homicide through defunding Planned Parenthood and this video is clearly an act of anger and contempt that money cannot be made by taking the lives of babies just because they are less vulnerable.

Planned Parenthood want “safe, legal and inexpensive abortions”. An act that kills a human being in the process can never be described as safe and legal. Abortions are extremely expensive and never medically necessary. This fabricated video is extremely ironic considering the hours of footage that have been revealed these last couple of years and are still being released showing the horror and real disgusting truth of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts to make money on top of their regular barbaric practises. 

Pearl Brady, a volunteer clinic escort in Jamaica, Queens said that pro-life activism has “a trickle-down effect.” A trickle-down effect that lives may be saved rather than taken. A trickle-down effect that no blood is shed because there is enough evil in the world. The trickle-down effect that nearly 60 million babies aren’t killed every year. The horror!

She goes on to say that “In the video, you don't see the huge posters with Photoshopped mangled fetuses.” They’re called pictures of dismembered babies covered in blood. Euphemisms insult our intelligence Ms Brady. Euphemisms cover up truth. These images are real, not “virtual” images that show the reality and inhumanity of abortion.


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