Repeal Section 9 Campaign

Our ‘Repeal Section 9’ Campaign is part of our wider ‘Lobby for Life’ initiative, and its fundamental aim is to restore full legal protection for unborn babies and mothers in Northern Ireland. Following the unjust and draconian imposition of one of Europe’s most extreme and permissive abortion laws, the only way Northern Ireland can become pro-life again is through the repeal of this horrific law – Section 9 of the Executive Formation Act. We are asking all pro-life people to lobby their elected representatives by emailing, phoning or visiting their offices, sending letters, or communicating over social media platforms to ask them the question: "Will you work to repeal Section 9?"


We can do so much by "voting pro-life" and then actively lobbying our politicians. If your elected representative claims to be pro-life, they must be lobbied and asked the question, “Are you working to Repeal Section 9 and restore full legal protection for unborn babies?”. 

As well as raising public awareness surrounding this cruel and extreme abortion law, we have also launched our ‘Repeal Section 9’ Postcard Petition Campaign. This huge petition campaign has already gained thousands of signatures from the people of Northern Ireland through our Street Outreach.

There is an unprecedented amount of public frustration, anger and upset on the streets of Northern Ireland because of the imposition of this unjust law. Getting involved in this campaign through volunteering to collect signatures, asking family and friends to sign, or signing yourself, is your way of making a direct statement that this law is NOT IN YOUR NAME and that you demand full legal protection for unborn babies is restored. We will not stop until unborn babies are once again protected in law, policy and practise in Northern Ireland – but we need your help to make this happen!


To find out more information and advice on how you can lobby for life, email To order ‘Repeal Section 9’ Petitions Postcards for distribution in your local area, call 02890278484.

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