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How can I join?

Are you enthusiastic about spreading the dignity of life to the public?

Do you want to be a voice for the unborn child?

Would you like to gain experience in pro-life activism?

Are you between 16 and 30 years old?

If you have answered these questions with a YES, then Youth for Life NI is for you! Join the revolution to create a better world for every person from conception. Contact us either on 028 9027 8484 or or message our facebook page.

What does Youth for Life NI do?

As Youth for Life NI, our main campaign is educating the public about pro-life issues and the reality of abortion. Abortion happens because of lies and because of the silence of those who know better.

Youth for Life NI continue to bring the pro-life message straight to the heart of the public in our Street Outreach every Saturday in Belfast City Centre, and in Derry once a month. Without our outreach, the public would be indifferent to the criminal existence of abortion.

Every Saturday, we set up a display board and information table to deliver these truths to the public, distributing information, collecting signatures for our ongoing petition campaigns and answering any underlying questions members of the public may have.

As well as our weekly outreach, we have had many opportunities to attend events in Belfast and throughout Ireland, taking the outreach "on the road" and having fun in the process!

Although we already have lots of fun during the outreach, we also organize fun social events such as Pizza Nights and other parties!

If you think you could spare a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon helping our Street Outreach then please contact us now on 028 9027 8484 or

You don’t need any previous experience, just a passion for sharing the truth and having the opportunity to save lives. Move over Superman, Youth for Life NI is here!

Youth for Life NI at QUB

What do our members say?

"The most amazing thing when you are out there talking to people during outreach is how much you can change people’s views on abortion. After an outreach session I often feel like I saved a life with my words.” - Orlagh M, Co. Armagh

“I enjoy being with Youth for Life big family,  one voice, one belief that abortion is never the answer” – Jen L, Co. Antrim

“Each time I do the outreach, I return home feeling invigorated, full of joy and happy” – Clare P, Co. Antrim

“I’ve watched laws change and the world around me chance, but I will never change in fighting to save unborn babies” - Patricia C, Co. Antrim

"Becoming involved in Youth for Life NI has not only introduced me to such amazing people but has helped me build my confidence in showing people that abortion is wrong. “ - Marty B, Co. Derry

“Doing outreach has allowed me to become so much more passionate about educating everyone about the reality of abortion. It has given me the encouragement to challenge others and encourage them to be unconditionally pro-life.” - Gemma H, Co. Antrim

“It’s incredible to be part of something that’s kept abortion out of Northern Ireland for almost 20 years - history in the making!” - Rachael, Co. Down

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