Brandon Lewis takes swipe at unionists who want unborn babies protected

The Secretary of State Brandon Lewis has hit out at pro-life unionists in Northern Ireland who he labelled as “out of touch”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the Northern Ireland secretary criticised those who want babies protected from abortion.

When offical statistics revealed in March that 1345 unborn babies had been killed in Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis said "...I want to put on record my thanks..." to those who carried out the abortions.

He also introduced new powers forcing Stormont to fully implement abortion laws.

Mr Lewis hit out at pro-life unionists and said he is “not going to wait much longer” and will intervene on the issue of killing babies in the womb by the time of the summer recess next month.

Brandon Lewis is "out of touch." He was not elected by the people of Northern Ireland so he does not speak on behalf of by the people of Northern Ireland. Abortion in a devolved matter here so both Lewis and Westminster must stop forcing more killing on Northern Ireland.

All pro-life people in Northern Ireland – citizens and politicians -  whether they are unionist or nationalist must speak up and tell Brandon Lewis that we want our unborn babies fully protected in law, policy and practice

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