NI Abortion Groups want YOUR money used to kill babies

A pro-abortion group, Choices NI (ICNI) – formerly Family Planning Association NI – is demanding more money so it can arrange the killing of more unborn babies.

Since 15 April 2020. ICNI has been operating a “central access point” for abortions.

They now claim they cannot continue to operate their baby-killing business beyond October unless they are given more public money from the government.

ICNI admitted it has written to Health Minister Robin Swann demanding it be given more taxpayers' money.

Pro-abortion organisation - Amnesty International - has also backed ICNI’s demand for taxpayers money to be used for the killing of unborn babies. Northern Ireland campaign manager Grainne Teggart issued a statement demanding that the Secretary of State “must act now” to override the Assembly and force more abortion on Northern Ireland from Westminster

It is scandalous that ICNI has received any public money at all. But it’s all the more outrageous that they are now demanding more money when our Health Service is in crisis.

A recent report revealed that that it could take up to 10 years to tackle Northern Ireland's current waiting lists, which are increasing daily. Northern Ireland has the worst waiting times of any UK region. Health Minister Robin Swann told the Stormont assembly that due of lack of funds and "we are in grave danger" of undermining the health service. Since Westminster’s abortion law was implemented in Northern Ireland last March, over 1345 abortions have been carried out here. Abortions cost approximately between £500 - £1500 depending on the age of the baby. Killing a baby up to 10 weeks using the abortion pill costs around £500. Killing a baby at 24 weeks costs over £1500. Using even the lowest estimate of £500 for each of the 1354 abortions means that more than half a million pounds has been spent in the past 15 months. It’s an outrage that, due to lack of funds, 300000 people are waiting years for genuine and necessary medical treatment while more than £672,500 has been spent on abortions. Yet ICNI and Amnesty International are demanding that more already scarce money be wasted on abortions.

ICNI and Amnesty International claim that without more of your money, there will be a “regional collapse” of abortion by October.

This would be great news! There must be a complete ‘collapse’ of abortion in Northern Ireland NOW! ..never mind October!

Northern Ireland needs more funding for genuine healthcare. And more funding is needed for pro-life groups who offer help and support to women, providing them with life-affirming options for both mother and baby.

We definitely do not need abortion …babies can live without it.

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