ACTION ALERT - Contact your Assembly Members to stop Westminster's plan to force more abortions on Northern Ireland

The Westminster government will set out further steps this week to force the full commissioning of abortion on Northern Ireland.

In March, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis took new powers allowing him to override the Assembly and force it to act.

Westminster’s abortion law was implemented in Northern Ireland in March of last year. But the full commissioning of abortion has been stalled due to disagreement within the five-party executive. In May, proposals from Health Minister Robin Swann on commissioning of abortion were blocked by the DUP.

According to the latest figures from Stormont's Department of Health, 1,556 babies have been killed by abortion in Northern Ireland since March 2020.

Brandon Lewis and the Westminster Government are hell-bent on forcing their abortion proposals on Northern Ireland before the summer recess of Parliament on Thursday (22 July). They even have the audacity to claim their plans to kill more babies is “required to uphold legal and human rights duties on Northern Ireland”. The Westminster Government has complete contempt, not only for the human rights of unborn babies, but also for the principles of democracy and devolution in Northern Ireland.

But Sinn Féin, the SDLP, Alliance, Green Party, People Before Profit support more abortion being imposed on Northern Ireland by Westminster.

However, the hypocrisy of these parties has been exposed in their reactions to the Westminster Government's proposals to override the Assembly again in dealing with the legacy of the Troubles. 

SDLP Minister Nichola Mallon called for assembly members (MLAs) to return from their summer break to vote in opposition to Westminster's Troubles proposals (20 July). 

There was no such call for a return from their summer break to discuss Westminster’s plan to kill more babies in Northern Ireland.

The Troubles Legacy motion, proposed by the SDLP, rejects the government's proposals and stated they "do not serve the interests, wishes or needs of victims and survivors nor the requirements of truth, justice, accountability, acknowledgement and reconciliation".

Ms Mallon had said she hoped assembly members would come together to say "very clearly that we do not allow - we do not give our consent - to Boris Johnson and his government to do this to victims and survivors of the troubles." She said the UK government had behaved in a "disgusting" manner and would "not be acceptable in any other modern democracy in the world"

Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill said the proposals were "a statement of moral bankruptcy" and amounted to "interfering" in Northern Ireland's judicial process. 

Alliance Party leader Naomi Long said it was both "desperately sad and utterly shameful" that members had to be recalled to "denounce" the plans." Green Party MLA Clare Bailey described it as "appalling". Gerry Carroll, from People Before Profit said it "amounts to a retrospective licence to kill".

However, they all gave their full consent to Westminster’s interfering, appalling and disgusting abortion plans. It's desperately sad and utterly shameful they support giving the Westminster Government a licence to kill babies in Northern Ireland.


Contact your MLAs and ask them to reject the Westminster government's abortion proposals because they do not serve the interests, wishes or needs of the people of Norther Ireland, nor the requirements of human rights – the right to life - of babies in the womb.

Tell your MLAs to say to Westminster very clearly that the people of Northern Ireland do not allow - we do not give our consent - to Boris Johnson and his government to do this to unborn babies in Northern Ireland.

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