Baby murdered "by accident" in horror abortion mix up at Birmingham hospital - reveals hypocrisy of media

A so-called “botched abortion” on twins - where the “wrong baby” was killed - has exposed the hypocrisy of the media on the issue of abortion

A mother was told one of her baby twins had been "terminated by accident." Doctors at Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust made a "fatal error" during the abortion which they claimed was supposed to save the life of the baby’s healthier twin.

Media reports on the incident used words like "...shocking ...unthinkable tragedy ...went horribly wrong”

This is true. Abortion is an unthinkable tragedy, shocking and horrible!

But if the little twin that was killed had been "the right baby", this would not even be a news story.

More than 600 babies are killed by abortion EVERY DAY in the UK. And since March last year, over 1556 babies have been killed by abortion in Northern Ireland.

Yet the media is silent on these killings! 

Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is never medically necessary.

The media will remain hypocrites until they start reporting on the shocking and horrible fatal tragedy of every baby killed by abortion.






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