Pro-abortionists in NI Assembly pass Second Stage of draconian, oppressive and discriminatory 'Abortion Zone' Bill

Green Party Leader and former 'abortion escort worker' Clare Bailey's Bill to criminalise pro-life people outside abortion centres passed its Second Stage in the NI Assembly today (12th October.) Her so-called 'Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones)' was supported by other pro-abortion parties - SDLP, Sinn Fein, UUP, Alliance, and PeopleBeforeProfit. 

The DUP and TUV voted against the Bill. They insisted the bill is too vague and open-ended, and they raised concerns about those who simply hand out leaflets, hold banners or even just pray outside abortion centres will be criminalised. They also pointed out that current legislation already exists to deal with any incidents alleged by Clare Bailey.

The explanatory notes of the Bill state the purpose is to '...make it a CRIME to DO ANYTHING...’ outside an abortion centre '...which might influence a person in their decision to attend...' 

The Bill states the purpose of the zones is to ensure that pro-life people '...are criminalised’ for any actions within a zone which may have the effect of 'influencing' persons accessing the abortion centre.

Therefore, simply holding a sign; distributing information leaflets; talking to a woman to offer her help, or even praying outside an abortion centre will be '...punishable on conviction by fines' up to £2500

The Bill also gives police the power to '...use reasonable force' to physically '...remove' a pro-life person from the zones.

If passed, the bill would be the first legislation of its kind in the UK to make it a crime to “influence” another person.

Clare Bailey’s abortion zones are discriminatory as they would only target pro-life groups. Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights – both protected under Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act.”

Clare Bailey - and other pro-abortionists in SDLP, Sinn Fein, UUP, Alliance, and PeopleBeforeProfit - are hypocrites. They demand ‘safe access' to abortion centres, but completely ignore the reality that babies are being killed inside these centres. The ultimate safe zone for unborn babies should be in their mothers' wombs.

Also, Clare Bailey and other pro-abortionists who campaigned to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland, continually said women should not be criminalised. Now her Bill actually states in black and white that pro-life women outside abortion centres must be 'criminalised.'

Clare Bailey wants to cancel the Right to Assembly and the Right to Free Speech. But Precious Life reiterate that the right to freedom of assembly and right to freedom of expression are fundamental human rights. If this Bill is passed, Precious Life will challenge it through our local courts, the High Court, the Supreme Court, and if need be, right up to the European Court of Human Rights.

Claims of ‘harassment’ and 'intimidation' are cynical lies by pro-abortionists with a clear agenda to stop any pro-life public presence. These 'Abortion Zones' are nothing but a desperate attempt to rob vulnerable women of an alternative to abortion.

Pro-life vigils are peaceful, and the police already have adequate powers to deal with any alleged actions that are against the law.

It must also be noted that every political party in Northern Ireland has taken part in some form of public 'protest.'

Therefore, regardless of their views on abortion, the right to freedom of assembly and right to freedom of expression are fundamental human rights that must be upheld and protected.

The Bill now moves to the Committee Stage, then Consideration Stage, Further Consideration Stage, and Final Stage.  However, time remains short for the bill to complete legislative passage before the assembly election scheduled for May.

Precious Life's peaceful vigils in Northern Ireland will continue offering help and life-affirming alternatives to women outside the abortion centres. We will never stop actively protecting unborn babies — when and wherever their lives are in danger of abortion.


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