Precious Life to launch legal challenge against draconian 'Abortion Zones' legislation

Precious Life will launch a legal challenge to the abortion access zones legislation that was passed by pro-abortion MLAs in the Assembly on Thursday (24 March). 

Green Party leader Clare Bailey’s bill to criminalise pro-life people who hold vigils outside abortion centres, was passed by 55 to 29 votes. Bailey has admitted the aim of her bill was to CRIMINALISE ANYONE who talks to a woman going into an abortion centre - offers her help or support - or simply holds a pro-life sign - or even just stands silently praying. Any woman or man in Northern Ireland doing any of these innocent acts now faces fines up to £2500.

The passing of this draconian and oppressive bill now criminalises innocent women and men who hold peaceful pro-life vigils outside abortion centres in Northern Ireland.

But we will not let this discriminatory legislation go unchallenged. It denies people their fundamental human rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression – both protected under Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act. It also breaks one of the of the key principles of the Good Friday Agreement, which is to uphold the right to expression of religion. Precious Life will challenge this through our local courts, the High Court, the Supreme Court, and if need be, right up to the European Court of Human Rights.

The 55 MLAs who voted for this bill should be ashamed. Clare Bailey and the other pro-abortionists in SDLP, Sinn Fein, UUP, Alliance, and PBP completely ignore the reality that little babies are being killed inside these abortion centres. The ultimate 'safe zone' for unborn babies should be in their mothers’ wombs.

We urge people to "vote out" these pro-abortion MLAs and Parties in the forthcoming Assembly Election on 5th May. Vote only for candidates who will uphold the right to life of unborn babies, and also defend the rights of people to hold vigils on the public streets outside abortion centres.

Precious Life’s peaceful vigils in Northern Ireland will continue offering help and life-affirming alternatives to women outside these centres of death. We will never stop actively protecting unborn babies — when and wherever their lives are in danger of abortion.

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