Belfast Health Trust admits manipulating figures

Belfast Health Trust admits manipulating the figures of alleged incidents at Pro-Life Vigils outside abortion centre
Precious Life are demanding the Abortion Access Zones law, passed at Stormont in March, must now be scrapped after it was revealed a Health Trust manipulated the evidence it provided to the Assembly.

The Belfast Health Trust has been forced to apologise to MLAs for manipulating the number of what the Trust calls “adverse incidents” at pro-life vigils outside its baby-killing centre in College Street.

The number of alleged ‘incidents’ during pro-life vigils at the Belfast abortion centre was presented to MLAs as strong justification for passing the law to criminalise pro-life woman and men. The Abortion Access Zones law now criminalises innocent people, allowing them to be fined up to £2,500 for simply praying outside abortion centres in Northern Ireland.

The number of alleged ‘incidents’ that Belfast Health Trust presented to the Assembly increased by a massive 1,950% between two different evidence sessions last year.

In July the Trust had told the Assembly Health Committee that there had only been 2 ‘incidents’ in the previous year and that “...the vast majority of the protests have been peaceful and respectful”. But by December its evidence was that there had been 41 ‘incidents’ since March.

The Health Trust confirmed to the Belfast News Letter that, between the two Assembly Evidence Sessions, it added more incidents to its database to boost the figures from May to October - some of them apparently 8 months after they were alleged to have occurred.

The Trust also admitted that out of their 41 alleged ‘incidents’, only 4 were considered worthy of reporting to police. To date, the PSNI has not given the outcome of the four complaints made by Belfast Health Trust.

It’s no surprise that those in Belfast Health Trust who justify killing a baby in the womb, would be totally untrustworthy when it comes to giving evidence to the Assembly. But what other untrustworthy evidence and misinformation were presented by other Health Trusts and pro-abortion groups? The Abortion Access Zones law must now be torn up and thrown in the bin where it belongs.
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