30% of MLAs in new NI Assembly are PRO-LIFE

The results of the election to the Northern Ireland Assembly show that 30% of MLAs are pro-life.

In the months leading up to the election, Precious Life’s VOTE PRO-LFE Campaign exposed the pro-abortion candidates and highlighted the pro-life candidates who promised to protect the right to life of babies in the womb.

On Thursday 5th May, 27 pro-life candidates were elected to the 90 seat Assembly. The MLAs are from the DUP, TUV, and an Independent.

Aontú, the only pro-life Nationalist party standing in the election, who although didn’t win any seats, did gain a credible 12,777 first preference votes. The Party will now build on this success for future elections

While the media made much of Sinn Fein now being the "largest party" (although they didn’t gain any additional seats) and the "surge"  in the Alliance Party vote – no mention was made that these parties support the killing of babies, for any reason, right up to the moment of birth. They also support the draconian "Abortion Zones" law to criminalise women and men in their constituencies who pray outside abortion centres.

The SDLP - who abandoned their longstanding pro-life policy and supported Westminster forcing abortion on Northern Ireland - lost 4 seats, dropping now to having only 8 seats . This party also supported the "Abortion Zones" law to criminalise their constituents who are pro-life. The loss of their 4 seats also means they do not qualify for a seat in the NI Executive.

The UUP – whose leader Doug Beattie said Northern Ireland needs more abortions "as soon as possible" dropped to having only 9 seats.

The pro-abortion Green Party lost the only 2 seats they had in the previous Assembly, including party leader Clare Bailey – who introduced the discriminatory "Abortion Zones" bill to criminalise women and men who pray outside abortion centres.

The 27 pro-life MLAs are:

Philip Brett and Brian Kingston – DUP - (Belfast North)

Edwin Poots – DUP - (Belfast South)

Joanne Bunting and David Brooks – DUP - (Belfast East)

Stephen Gordon Dunne – DUP -  and Alex Easton – Independent – ( North Down)

Diane Forsythe Kingston – DUP – (South Down)

Keith Buchanan – DUP – (Mid Ulster)

Johnathon Buckley and Dianne Dodds – DUP – (Upper Bann)

Paul Frew – DUP -  and Jim Allister – TUV – (North Antrim)

Pam Cameron and Trevor Clarke – DUP – (South Antrim)

Gordon Lyon’s and David Hilditch – DUP – (East Antrim)

Harry Harvey and Michelle Mc llveen – DUP – (Strangford)

Jeffrey Donaldson and Paul Girvan – DUP – (Lagan Valley)

William Irwin – DUP – (Newry and Armagh)

Tom Buchanan – DUP – (West Tyrone)

Deborah Erskine – DUP – (Fermanagh and South Tyrone)

Gary Middleton – DUP – (Foyle)

Maurice Bradley and Alan Robinson – DUP – (East L/Derry)

These MLAs will have a tough job ahead of them challenging the pro-abortionists in Sinn Fein, Alliance, SDLP, UUP and PBP. But we will give them our full support as they work hard with us to defend our unborn children.

Precious Life congratulate all the pro-life MLAs who were elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly. We will continue lobbying the MLAs to REPEAL SECTION 9 (Westminster’s abortion legislation forced on Northern Ireland) and demand the Assembly ‘RESTORE PERSONHOOD’ and restore full legal protection for all Northern Ireland’s unborn babies.




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