Remembering 21,000 innocent Irish babies killed by abortion

Today - 25th May - is the 4 year anniversary of the Irish abortion referendum.

Since that dreadful day in 2018, more than  21,000 unique and irreplaceable human beings have been violently killed by Ireland's cruel abortion law.

Thousands of people across Ireland took part in "A Moment of Silence" at 12 noon for all the babies killed and the women harmed.

Today at 8pm, many more will "Light a Candle for Life".  Candles will also be lit for an "Online Light for Life" which organisers, Life Institute, say will "remember the preborn babies and mothers that have been so tragically harmed by the legalisation of abortion".

Please unite with Precious Life to pray and remember those 21,000 innocent children who have been murdered in Ireland since the abortion Referendum 4 years ago.

We mourn the incomprehensible loss of precious human life that Ireland continues to experience, and pray for an end to fatal violence in the womb on the island of Ireland.

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