Irish Language bill to be introduced at Westminster

Irish and Ulster Scots language legislation will be introduced at Westminster today (25 May). It was part of the 2020 New Decade, New Approach deal that restored Stormont's institutions. The bill will provide "recognition and protection" of Irish language and the Ulster British tradition. The legislation will give the Irish language official status and allow the use of Irish in courts. Speaking ahead of its introduction, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis said it represented a "significant milestone" for Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein said, "We are a long time waiting for this. It is a matter of equality, it is also a matter of respect and recognition." The SDLP said, "The Irish language community just want to be treated with equality and respect and they cannot be denied any longer."

Precious Life now call for the Gaeilge word for "unborn" - beo gan breith – to be officially used by government departments and politicians.

The beauty of the Irish Language recognises babies in the womb as "alive but not born" – the direct translation of “beo gan breith”.

The baby in the womb is alive and no one has the right, and can never have the right, to end this little human life before she/he is even born.

Every child in Northern Ireland who is alive but not yet born needs to be protected, and treated with equality and respect.

We await to hear Brandon Lewis, Sinn Fein, SDLP, and the other pro-abortion MLAs in Stormont, speaking in Irish to explain how they can justify their support for killing a child who is alive but not born, and denied the right to ever speak any language.

Cosain an leanbh sa bhroinn.




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