'Abortion Pills By Post' case being hijacked by pro-abortionists to change UK law

Precious Life condemned a UK abortion provider who sent abortion pills to a 7 months pregnant woman, and are now attempting to use the case to make abortion legal right up to the moment of birth.

As an in-person consultation is no longer required to administer abortion pills since the Covid 19 pandemic, no mechanism is in place to accurately verify the gestation of the baby.

While it remains uncertain whether the baby in this case was delivered alive at seven months, current UK law states that DIY abortions must take place before the baby is ten weeks old.

BPAS are attempting to dodge charges of criminal negligence. In no other field of medicine would this be tolerated.

BPAS must not be above the law. They must be made accountable to it. They must be brought before a court to admit they sent pills by post to murder an innocent child who was well beyond the so-called "legal limit" for abortion.

BPAS is attempting to wash their hands of the entire matter and instead to use this case to demand the removal of Sections 58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act and the Infant Life Preservation Act - laws that legally still give some protection to unborn babies in Britain.

Meanwhile commenting on the case, Dr Calum Miller, NHS doctor and research associate at the University of Oxford specialising in abortion policy also accused BPAS of “profoundly dangerous” behaviour and said they “should be prosecuted” for sending abortion pills to a woman who was seven months pregnant.

In the exchange on Twitter, he told followers: “The woman and the baby are victims, and BPAS the culprits”.  He went on to ask BPAS whether they thought their action was dangerous.

“Why did you make a woman deliver her baby at home with no medical supervision? Doesn’t this sound dangerous to you?” Dr Miller said. BPAS did not answer his question.

‘DIY’ abortion, was made legal in the UK in March 2020 on a temporary basis as part of the Government’s pandemic response, following a large lobbying campaign which was orchestrated by BPAS.

In March of this year, Parliament voted to make this scheme permanent, despite the Government’s insistence that it “was always intended to be a temporary measure” as part of other supposed emergency legislation.

Between April 2020 and September 2021, more than ten thousand women had to receive hospital treatment following the use of medical abortion pills in England alone.

This case shows how little BPAS actually care about women.

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