Death threat to Northern Ireland's unborn babies issued by new Secretary of State

Precious Life has condemned the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Chris Heaton-Harris for announcing that one of his top priorities is for more killing of unborn babies in Northern Ireland.

BACKGROUND: In October 2019 while the Stormont Assembly was suspended, the Westminster Parliament forced abortion on Northern Ireland through Section 9 of their "NI Executive Formation Act". This overturned the legislation in the “Offences against the Person Act” that had previously protected unborn babies and their mothers from abortion for over 150 years. Westminster’s new abortion regulations came into force in March 2020. Since then, over 2,794 babies have been killed by abortion.

But 2,794 dead babies are not enough for Chris Heaton-Harris. In a statement on his new role as NI Secretary of State, he announced he was “...determined...” to have "the same" abortion regime in Northern Ireland as exists “...across the UK.” Last year in England and Wales, where abortion-on demand is available, 214,869 little babies were killed by abortion. That’s almost 600 babies killed EVERY DAY!

Chris Heaton-Harris added that he wants the killing of Northern Ireland’s unborn babies to be of “...high quality”. He also admitted that a team of so-called experts within his Office is working closely with the NI Department of Health to prepare an abortion plan for Northern Ireland. He then made a threat that if the NI Health Minister does not act on commissioning more abortions here, “...the government will intervene.”

Chris Heaton-Harris is not only ignoring the right to life of unborn babies here, but also blatantly ignoring the principles of democracy and devolution by using his governmental powers to override the Stormont Assembly.

Sadly, there are MLAs who will stand idly by and watch Chris Heaton-Harris ride roughshod over the NI Assembly.  On other devolved matters in Northern Ireland, we hear Assembly Members calling on Westminster to respect devolution and stop interfering. But there is a deafening silence from many of the same MLAs when it comes to Westminster interfering in the devolved matter of abortion law. Those who remain silent, and even support this interference, are hypocrites!

The Westminster Government have already presided over the killing of 214,869 babies in England and Wales. And yet their NI Secretary of State want more abortions here, even though the legislation they forced on Northern Ireland has already resulted in the deaths of 2,794 innocent babies. Even one death by abortion is one too many, but 2,794 is shocking. Every child deserves to be protected from the barbaric practice of abortion and every woman in an unexpected pregnancy deserves genuine life-affirming healthcare and support. Women in Northern Ireland deserve better than abortion. Precious Life will continue campaigning to protect mothers in Northern Ireland, and restore personhood and full legal protection for their unborn babies.

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