Media hypocrisy exposed by story on unborn babies smiling for carrots and grimacing for greens

New scientific research has provided more beautiful proof of the humanity of babies in the womb. For the first time, scientists recorded evidence that babies react differently to various smells and tastes while in the womb by recording their facial expressions. The researchers found that babies react to what their mothers eat - they grimace when they taste and smell greens, but smile for carrots.

Experts from Durham University took 4D ultrasound scans of 100 pregnant women to study how their unborn babies responded after being exposed to flavours from foods eaten by their mothers. They looked at how their reactions to either carrot or kale flavours a short time after the flavours had been ingested by the mothers. The babies exposed to carrot showed more ‘laughter-face’ responses while those exposed to kale showed more ‘cry-face’ responses. Postgraduate Beyza Ustun, who led the research, said: "It was really amazing to see unborn babies’ reaction to kale or carrot flavours during the scans and share those moments with their parents."

While this scientific research shows us the humanity of the unborn child, it also exposes the hypocrisy of the media who reported the story.

News outlets like the BBC, RTE, Yahoo, the Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and many more, all used phrases like “babies in the womb” and “unborn babies” in their reports on this story.

Yet in any of their reports on the abortion issue, they may sometimes use medical terminology like “foetus”, other times they will use ugly phrases like “product of conception”, but more often than not, they just blatantly ignore the baby in the womb or what happens to unborn babies in an abortion.

Will these news outlets ever report on babies’ facial expressions as they silently scream in pain while being horrifically killed by abortion?

NO ! These hypocritical news outlets refuse to “follow the science” that proves a baby in the womb is fully human and deserving of the same human rights we all enjoy – most importantly, the right to life itself.

This proves that when reporting on abortion, the mainstream media are not giving us unbiased news - their attempts to dehumanise babies in the womb is proof of their outright propaganda to support and promote the killing of babies in the womb.

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