NI Secretary of State commissions the killing of babies in the womb, right up to the MOMENT OF BIRTH

Precious Life has condemned the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris for overriding democracy and devolution by forcing even more abortions on Northern Ireland.

BACKGROUND: In October 2019 while the Stormont Assembly was suspended, the Westminster Parliament forced abortion on Northern Ireland through Section 9 of their "NI Executive Formation Act". This overturned the legislation in the “Offences against the Person Act” that had previously protected unborn babies and their mothers from abortion for over 150 years. Westminster’s new abortion regulations came into force in March 2020.

Since then, over 4136 babies have been killed by so called “early medical abortions”.  But 4136 dead babies are not enough for Chris Heaton-Harris. His “commissioning” of full abortion “services” means babies in the womb will be killed right up to the moment of birth. He said the killing of Northern Ireland’s unborn babies must be of “...high quality”.

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “Chris Heaton-Harris is not only ignoring the right to life of unborn babies here, but also blatantly ignoring the principles of democracy and devolution by using his governmental powers to override the Stormont Assembly.

“Pro-abortion MLAs from SDLP and Sinn Fein, and other pro-abortion parties must also be called out for their deafening silence on this interference from Westminster – yet they are the first to claim democracy and devolution must be respected in other devolved matters in Northern Ireland. Those MLAs who remain silent, and even support this interference, are hypocrites!”

The news that more unborn babies will be killed in Northern Ireland was welcomed by pro-abortion organisations Informing Choices and Amnesty International. Amnesty said, “The Government must also run an information campaign...” on how to kill babies in the womb.

Chris Heaton-Harris also said, “The UK Government will ensure that appropriate funding is available…” for …”essential training” and implementation of the baby-killings.

Bernadette Smyth added, “The Department of Health is already straining under the current financial pressure, with thousands of people on waiting lists for genuine medical treatment. Yet taxpayer’s money will be used for the killing of our unborn babies in Northern Ireland.”

She concluded, “Every child deserves to be protected from the barbaric practice of abortion and every woman in an unexpected pregnancy deserves genuine life-affirming healthcare and support. Women in Northern Ireland deserve better than abortion. Precious Life will continue campaigning to protect mothers in Northern Ireland, and restore personhood and full legal protection for their unborn babies."

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