Man arrested for vicious bite attack at pro-life event in Belfast

  • Man arrested for vicious bite attack at pro-life event in Belfast

A man was arrested by police and taken away in handcuffs after he attacked stewards at a pro-life event in Belfast. The man had been trying to disrupt the speeches, and his vicious attack left one of the stewards with a serious bite to the neck. [watch video below]

The assault causing actual bodily harm happened at a Life Chain in front of Belfast City Hall on Saturday (5th Nov). The event was organised by Precious Life to commemorate the 4136 unborn babies killed since the Westminster Government forced abortion on Northern Ireland in 2019.

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth was giving a speech to the crowd assembled for the Life Chain.

A man approached Ms Smyth from behind and began aggravating and trying to distract her.

The man, who had a small child with him, continually made the gesture of a twirling motion of his finger to his head, and pointing at Ms Smyth and loudly telling the young child that Ms Smyth was crazy.

His harassment of Ms Smyth went on over a 5 minute period.

Eventually a female steward, fearful that Ms Smyth may be attacked, approached the man to politely ask him to stop his antagonistic behaviour. The man immediately launched into an assault of the female steward by trying to grab her placard and shouting abuse at her.

A male steward then intervened and placed himself between the assailant and the woman to prevent him attacking her.

The assailant then began shouting at the male steward. As the steward tried to restrain him, the assailant viciously bit the steward on the neck.

During the incident, the little child screamed and ran off.

Police rushed to intervene and the assailant was arrested and led away in handcuffs.

The male steward was left shaken, with a large bite mark on his neck requiring hospital treatment.

Up until the assault, the pro-life event had been peaceful. People from across Northern Ireland lined the entire length of the Belfast City hall holding pro-life signs and banners stating – “Peace begins in the womb” and” Stop Abortion Violence”. The Life Chain was organised to mark the third anniversary of Westminster forcing abortion Northern Ireland Assembly, and to remember the 4136 babies killed since then. At the gates of the City Hall, a poignant display of hundreds of baby shoes was laid out to form the number 4 1 3 6 – each with a boy or girl's name attached. Each pair of baby shoes represented an innocent life cruelly taken by the injustice of the abortion legislation that was forced on Northern Ireland by the Westminster government. The pro-life message was seen by thousands of people as they walked or drove along this busy area of Belfast.

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