Baby born at 22 weeks survives against the odds

Precious Life are thrilled to hear the amazing story of a baby born at 22 weeks who has beaten the odds and is thriving.

The BBC reports that Baby Imogen weighed only 515g (1lb 1oz) when she was born at Swansea's Singleton Hospital in September. She given less than a 10% chance of surviving.

Now, after 132 days in hospital, the six-month-old is back home.

Her mother Rachel Stonehouse, 28, said: "Imogen has gone through so much and more than we will ever go through in our lifetime and she smashed it."

Rachel initially went to Bridgend's Princess of Wales Hospital, just days after the gender reveal party for Imogen, with a bleed before her waters broke and she and her partner Corey were taken by ambulance to Singleton Hospital.

"It was so scary," she said.

"The pain was horrendous... I just went into survival mode for me and my baby and tried to just keep breathing through the pain."

Rachel said when Imogen was born she was smaller than her hand.

Imogen was delivered just minutes after arriving at the hospital and was immediately placed in a bag in an incubator to mimic the womb.

Over the 98 days Imogen spent in NICU, she overcame countless obstacles, including a heart murmur, a pulmonary haemorrhage, sepsis and numerous blood transfusions.

Imogen is now home, but still requires oxygen and Rachel said doctors were happy with her organs and she has no sight or hearing problems.

Rachel is loving every minute of being a new mum and said she would be forever grateful to the NHS.


The so-called ‘legal limit’ for abortion in the UK is when the baby reaches 24 weeks old. However, abortions are carried out even after 24 weeks if the baby will be born with a disability.

The abortions on 99% of all unborn babies killed in the UK are funded by the NHS.

The most recent government statistics for England and Wales reveal that 2142 babies aged over 20 weeks were killed by abortion.

276 babies aged over 24 weeks were killed by abortion.


A society that tolerates abortion maintains a set of double standards concerning the humanity of unborn babies. A baby who is “wanted” is treated with respect and care while a baby who is destined to be aborted is treated as a disposable object. While tiny premature babies are receiving expensive state-of-the-art care to save their lives, there are babies of the same age (and over) being killed by abortion.





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