NHS Trusts recognise that babies feel pain during abortions

Since Precious Life was formed over 25 years, our information leaflets have continued to expose the horrific reality that unborn babies feel pain during abortion.

For decades, the abortion industry tried to deny this fact, and claimed our information was false.

Now, after decades of denial by pro-abortionists, an investigation has revealed that NHS Trusts recognise babies feel pain during Feticide (abortions after 21 weeks)

Feticide involves the injection of potassium chloride to cause the baby to have a heart attack

For years the lie that feticide was painless for unborn babies was told to convince women in crisis pregnancies to go ahead with late term abortions.

Official statistics reveal that over 1,300 babies are killed by this method of abortions each year in the UK.

Potassium chloride is also used to kill prisoners in the USA who have been sentenced to the Death Penalty. A BBC report on these lethal injections said : "Without proper sedation, this stage would be extremely painful. The feeling has been likened to 'liquid fire' entering veins and snaking towards the heart. If the inmate is not fully paralysed, their muscles will also spasm uncontrollably."

In 2022, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) buried a report that revealed unborn babies can experience pain.

In response to RCOG’s buried report, pro-life scientist, James Evans, has carried out a Freedom of Information investigation to shed further light on the issue.

His FOI request to NHS Trusts asked:

“Does your NHS Trust perform a feticide procedure?

“And if your NHS Trust does perform feticides: Does your NHS Trust usually give or offer direct fetal “painkiller”/sedative as part of the feticide? What substance is used for the feticide itself? If the birthing person requests direct fetal painkiller/sedative, will direct fetal painkiller/sedative be considered and, if appropriate, administered?”

In response to the FOI requests, the data reveals that:

Of the trusts who perform feticides, 28 administer or are willing to administer direct fetal painkiller or sedative.

Of the 28 NHS Trusts who administer direct fetal painkiller/sedative, 18 Trusts (offer this as part of the procedure and 10Trusts only consider fetal painkiller/sedative if specifically requested by the mother.

5 NHS Trusts do not give direct fetal painkiller or sedative and would not say if they would consider fetal painkiller if requested by the mother.

20% of the answers were ‘other’, arguably signifying that the policy is under review or comes down to a consultant’s discretion.

Two NHS Trusts were in the ‘No’ category: Shrewsbury and Telford. Both trusts stated that they wouldn’t give fetal painkiller even if asked to by the mother.

Oxford University Hospitals said in response to the FOI requests: “We use potassium chloride in our procedures for feticide. Our standard operating procedure is to inject the cord of the foetus and therefore so-called ‘painkiller’ is not required.”

It is correct that the umbilical cord has no nerves and therefore the needle itself would not be felt. However, the baby, would experience significantly more pain as the potassium chloride would enter via the umbilical vein, via the belly button into the liver, through the veins before reaching the heart and inducing cardiac arrest.

This data is significant because it is the first time the NHS acknowledges its widespread use of fetal painkiller during abortions

In 2020, research published by Dr Stuart Derbyshire, a pro-abortion medic who has worked for Planned Parenthood in the US, admitted there is now ‘good evidence’ that unborn babies experience pain before 12-weeks into the pregnancy. In 2006 he had denied that this was possible.

The current boss of BPAS, Clare Murphy, however, rejected these findings and said they would not ‘lead to a change in practice.’

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth, said: “Babies being killed by abortion experience excruciating pain.

"As far back as 1984, the film – “The Silent Scream”  narrated by Dr. Bernard Nathanson showed a 12-week baby open its mouth in a silent scream while being killed by a suction abortion.

"As early as 8 weeks, an unborn baby reacts to touch. Surgeons performing corrective procedure on babies in the womb have seen them flinch, jerk, and recoil from sharp objections and incisions.

"By 16 weeks babies probably feel pain more intensely than adults.

"The abortion industry continue to lie to pregnant women about the reality of what abortion does to their babies. They tell women that their baby isn’t alive or even human so they will never tell women their babies feel pain during an abortion.

"The results of James Evans’ investigation is further proof that the killing of babies at any stage in pregnancy is barbarically evil, and it must be stopped now.

"Precious Life will continue educating the public, on the streets and outside abortion centres, on the humanity of unborn babies and the horrific reality of abortion."

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