New Scientific Study indicates Abortion Pill Reversal could be successful 81% of time

  • Dr Dermot Kearney

A new study has indicated that abortion pill reversal could be successful up to 81% of the time.

Doctors who provide abortion pill reversal say they began to offer the treatment in response to demand from women who had taken a first abortion pill and then regretted their decision.

The process involves prescribing progesterone which acts to maintain a pregnancy and reverses the effect of Mifepristone, which is ingested in the first of two abortion pills, and works to block the progesterone receptor, thus aborting the baby.

Progesterone has long been regarded as safe, and has been given as a treatment against miscarriage in many countries for decades without controversy.

The new study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports by Doctors Christina Camilleri and Stephen Sammut, indicated that progesterone administration following initiation of mifepristone-induced pregnancy termination reversed the process 81% of the time in the group.

“Data also indicates a percentage of women who seek assistance in potentially reversing the medication abortion process,” they wrote.

“Progesterone is the major hormone that is necessary to maintain a pregnancy. In medication abortion, the first drug administered (mifepristone, RU-486) works by blocking the progesterone receptor, thus terminating the pregnancy. While previous literature and clinical reports have suggested the potential use of progesterone to reverse a mifepristone-induced abortion, the process has not been effectively investigated pre-clinically,” they explained.

They said that: “In conclusion, this study confirms the potential for progesterone to reverse an abortion during the early stages of the abortion process.”

“The findings of the study also indicate the necessity for additional research in order to ensure the best clinical practices and patient care,” they added.

Dr Dermot Kearney, an Irish consultant cardiologist who currently offers the treatment in the UK, told Gript that the abortion pill reversal process is “very safe and often effective”.

Dr Kearney pointed out that 4,000 babies have already been born – mostly in the USA – since 2012 because of what he described as an “essential rescue treatment”.

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