6,924 unborn babies killed by NI Department of Health

The Northern Ireland Department of Health have admitted they killed 6,924 babies in the womb since March 2020.

2,152 babies were killed by the Belfast Health Trust.

1,637 babies were killed by the Northern Health Trust.

1,499 babies were killed by the South Eastern Trust.

1,165 babies were killed by the Southern Trust.

471 babies were killed by the Western Trust.

The figures, obtained from the Department of Health in response to a Freedom of Information request, relate to the period from 31st March 2020 up to 20th October September 2023

One death by abortion is one too many, but 6,924 little babies killed by a so-called department of 'health' is both shocking and horrific. Westminster inflicted this on Northern Ireland through their Section 9 legislation - which was supported by SDLP, Sinn Fein, Alliance Party, Green Party, PeopleBeforeProfit, and other pro-abortion Assembly Members. These MLAs are complicit in the deaths of these 6,924 babies.

Precious Life will not let the killing of these babies be forgotten! Precious Life's 'REPEAL SECTION 9 CAMPAIGN' will continue until full legal protection is restored to EVERY unborn baby in Northern Ireland.

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