BBC says display of white crosses is "distressing" - but ignores the 6924 babies killed by abortion

  • BBC says display of white crosses is

A report by the BBC on the exclusion zones outside baby-killing centres in Northern Ireland has described crosses as “distressing”.

The BBC report issued a “Warning” stating, "This article contains images which some readers may find distressing."

The images show white crosses, and signs saying, "Children should be loved not killed"; "Babies are poisoned to death here"; and "We will remember them".

The BBC report focused on the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine, which is under the Northern Trust

In October, the Northern Trust admitted they have killed 1637 babies since abortion was legalised in 2020.

The Department of Health admit they have killed a total of 6924 babies across Northern Ireland. The numbers are :

Belfast Trust – 2152 babies killed

South Eastern Trust – 1499 babies killed

Southern Trust – 1165 babies killed

Western Trust – 417 babies killed

But the killing of these 6924 babies wasn’t "distressing" to the BBC who ignored them in their report.

 The pro-abortion SDLP also wasn’t "distressed" by these killings.

But the SDLP's Cara Hunter, who supports the killing of babies in the womb, described the crosses and signs used outside Causeway Hospital as "shocking".

She and Independent MLA Claire Sugden called for the Exclusion Zones to be widened.

The zones introduced in September, ban and criminalise women and men who pray within up to 250 metres of an abortion centre. The abortion zones legislation is so broad and sweeping that it is a CRIME to DO ANYTHING near an abortion centre which might "influence" a person in their decision to attend an abortion centre. People who pray outside abortion centres are now branded criminals and can be punished by fines up to £2500. The legislation for these draconian zones was passed by pro-abortion parties, SDLP, Sinn Fein, Alliance, UUP, Green Party and People before Profit.

The BBC also failed to mention that many of the incidents reported to police were cases of people taking part in the pro-life vigils being harassed and attacked by pro-abortion activists. The "alleged assault" mentioned in the BBC report was when an elderly man was physically attacked by members of the so-called "pro-choice" groups. The police have been provided with video footage of their numerous attacks, and vandalism of the pro-life signs.

The pro-life vigils near the abortion centres are perfectly legal. The Department of Health has produced maps showing the limits of the exclusion zones. Therefore, pro-life groups can still hold vigils or protests in any public area outside these limits. Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are protected under Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act. The right to expression of religion is also one of the key principles of the Good Friday Agreement.

Not content with babies being killed in our hospitals, the abortion fanatics want to gag all the courageous people who stand for life, and have them completely removed from the public square.

But while the killing of babies may be out of sight, it will never be out of mind. Public pro-life witness to expose the slaughter of our children must continue. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.






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