!! HORRIFIC !! - murder of baby celebrated by Northern Ireland 'Doctor'

As real doctors worked tirelessly to nurture, protect and save lives in our hospitals during the run-up to Christmas, a so-called doctor, Laura McLaughlin, took to X (formerly Twitter) to publicly and proudly brag about the murder of a baby in a second-trimester abortion at a hospital in Northern Ireland.

And in a blatant and unprofessional breach of patient confidentiality, 'Dr' Laura McLaughlin also publicly revealed that the mother of the baby had the abortion in the Ulster Hospital, on the Upper Newtownards Road in Dundonald, on Wednesday 13th December.

Department of Health guidelines state that any information relating to abortion must not be published if there is a risk of identification of the individual involved. Patients using the Ulster Hospital will be from the North Down, Ards and Castlereagh council areas, as well as east Belfast. There is now a real risk that the woman involved could be identified. In fact, any of the relatively small number of pregnant women from that area, who were at the Ulster Hospital on 13th December, will now be 'under suspicion'.

In her post on X, Laura McLaughlin boasted: 

"...Very proud to announce that history was made in NI when, on 13th December 2023, the first legal 2nd trimester surgical abortion was carried out in the newly established 2nd trimester surgical service in the Ulster Hospital..."

The 'second trimester' represents the middle part of the mother's pregnancy, when the baby is between 13 weeks to 27 weeks old. It is during these weeks the amazing and beautiful humanity of the unborn baby becomes more and more evident.

According to the NHS, "...the baby at 13 weeks is around 7.4cm long. The baby is moving around. At first the movements are very jerky and random but then they start to look more deliberate. Some babies suck their thumb in the womb. This actually serves a purpose as it helps to develop their sucking reflex. They'll need this when it comes to feeding. At 14 weeks ...your midwife might be able to hear the baby's heartbeat ...Inside you, your baby is doing something quite miraculous – having a wee! At 15 weeks ...the baby's eyebrows and eyelashes are also starting to develop. Your baby's eyes are now sensitive to light ...your baby will start hearing too. Talk to your baby and she/he will probably hear you.  At 16 weeks ...Your baby is starting to pull faces now ...smiling ...frowning... Your baby's hands can form fists and they may start punching around inside you too. At 17 weeks ...Your baby can move their eyes, react to loud noises, open and close their mouth ...Your baby's fingernails are starting to grow and will have their own unique fingerprints At 18 weeks ...Your baby's hearing, feeling, swallowing and sucking reflexes are developing ...They will also be doing a lot of wriggling around and moving their arms and legs. At 20 weeks ...Your baby will be getting more active each day. As well as kicking, punching and turning around, your baby could be sucking their thumb – this develops their sucking reflex, which they'll need to feed once they're born. At 21 weeks ...Your baby is moving around a lot now, and establishing waking and sleeping patterns. At 22 weeks ...The lungs are developing and your little one will be doing some breathing practice in your womb. At 23 weeks ...Your baby's limbs are now in proportion ...you're going to be kicked around by your baby and will start to see your tummy move too. At 24 weeks ...If your baby was born now, there is a chance they will survive outside the womb. At 25 weeks ...A loud noise could make your baby jump and kick ...You might even feel the occasional hiccup. At 26 weeks ...your baby's eyes will be opening for the first time and the next trick will be to learn how to blink. At 27 weeks ...your baby is getting plumper by the day ...your baby's lungs are now capable of breathing..."

But what actually happens to the baby during a second-trimester abortion?

Dr Kathi Aultman MD explains in the video below how the tiny helpless baby is killed by being torn limb from limb, the arms and legs are ripped off, then the little head is crushed. 

This is the horrific reality of what 'Doctor' Laura McLaughlin was "very proud" to announce...

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